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Chic Convo of the Week: How to be fashionable in a not-so-fashionable state

By Alyssa Tufts

We all know we live in AZ (or at least physically we do). In celebration of Phoenix Fashion Week happening this weekend, I wanted to list some ways to put yourself out there and get involved in as much as the AZ Fashion scene as you can!


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

  1. Attend Phoenix Fashion Week and events leading up to it- this is the only fashion show in AZ- so naturally we devour anything that has to do with it. This includes coverage and being able to speak with local designers and bloggers!

  2. Be involved in downtown events in the arts. There are a lot of outlets that fashion functions through in AZ. One of them is First Friday– where local boutiques or store owners will come out to sell their products. There are fashion-related exhibits and events at the Phoenix Art Museum. There are local artists who work with local boutiques that sell their work or organizations that highlight them.

  3. Get to know local media and bloggers through events and networking. These are the people you want to get to know! They have connections with other creative people within the industry- photographers, writers, designers etc. Try reading Arizona Foothills Magazine– a premier mag out of Scottsdale about luxury, events, fashion and beauty.

  4. Know where to shop- at both vintage stores and at department stores. There could always be opportunities to work in retail at a store and make connections through vendors, brands, store events and your work of course! Hint hint: check out the list of trunk shows at Neiman Marcus Scottsdale.

  5. Use social media- follow local designers, photographers and bloggers and engage with them on a daily basis. Also be active with organizations and outlets you enjoy and might want to work for someday. Be aware of what is going on in the industry- being knowledgeable is a must and you can begin making connections and building a professional network on Twitter and LinkedIn before leaving college.

  6. Try new things try taking photos, writing and shooting video- you never know what could turn out. Also be open to working in different aspects of the industry- maybe you write for a blog- or work as a stylist consultant for a photographer- you never know what opportunities could arise!

Keep your head up and find your way in the AZ fashion scene, you’ll get that job in the fashion industry!

XOXO, Alyssa


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