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Chic Talk: 224 Apparel + Design’s New Line

By: Madison Rowbotham 

I have been interning at 224 Apparel + Design, a local apparel company located in Scottsdale, for about seven months now- and let me just say, I’m continuously amazed. I am amazed by the creativity of the people I work with to create new, unique designs that help to push fashion forward.

We recently launched a new line and I am obsessed. And no, I’m not just saying that because I work here. I truly believe in the products. The designs are fun and one-of-a-kind, strategically placed on the right garments. They are wearable, and not just by me and other 20-somethings, but by people of ALL ages!

We had a photo-shoot two weeks ago and I got to help style the products- every fashion girl’s dream come true. And naturally, I developed some favorites in the line that I added to my wardrobe right away!


This dusty pink, muscle tank displaying the word ‘Savage’ is my absolute favorite. The color, a word that accurately describes me; what more could I want? Not a fan of pink, no problem- it comes in beige and dark grey too. I know, I know- you’re welcome.

A close second is our new ‘Fun Brunette’ tee. Contrary to popular belief, brunettes do have fun- shocking I know (insert eye roll here). I am the life of the party so why not make things official and let everyone around me know too?


For my blonde friends out there, we have a perfect compliment, a ‘Smart Blonde’ tee! Don’t let stereotypes define you, show the world how intelligent you are! Both of these tees come in white and salmon. Can’t decide, that’s okay just get both colors. (Currently contemplating doing the same thing)… 😉


Now, for everyone who loves brunch as much as I do, drumroll please… I don’t know about you, but this ‘Brunch’ muscle tank is seriously my new go-to for my next brunch outing with my girls. It comes in both black and white and can be paired with jeans, a cute skirt, over-sized cardigan, pretty much anything!


Want to see more? Head over to!

Happy shopping my chic friends!


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