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Chic Talk: Fishnets

By: Madison Rowbotham

Everyone who wants to pursue a career in fashion is constantly on trend watch. For some, it’s a hobby, maybe even a passion. It may even be a job. Regardless of the reason, we are constantly opening our Instagram apps to look at our favorite celeb’s accounts to see the latest designer collection they’re sporting. And if you’re me, you’re anxiously awaiting for your fashion magazine subscription to arrive via mail so you can get ideas for your next shopping spree.

Let’s talk about a trend I’m crushing on (and you probably are too): FISHNETS! There are two ways this look is gaining momentum on the fashion scene. Let’s take a look, xx.


This trend started gaining popularity thanks to the Kardashian clan and is now a street style staple. Let your fishnets peek through ripped, holey jeans for a badass vibe. Wear them high-waisted with a cropped vintage tee for an even edgier look. Or pair with heels and a feminine blouse to shake things up- a bit playful, but still professional.




It may not add any extra warmth like regular tights or leggings, but it sure looks good. It adds some dimension to an otherwise plain ensemble, and mixes well with various patterns and designs. Throw a pair on under your go-to t-shirt dress or leather mini to vamp it up! Pair with a classic pair of converse or black booties.


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Do you have another fave way to wear fishnets? Share it with us in the comments below!


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