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Chic Talk: My style trademark

By Emily Taylor Photography by Dominique Ziegler

What’s my style trademark?

Off-the-shoulder shirts.

Hanging within the quaint wall cutout I call my closet are more than ten off-the-shoulders. It may seem excessive to have this many, but I just can’t help myself. They’re the first thing to catch my eye when I walk into a store. Let’s just say window shopping goes out the door as soon as one crosses my path.

Off-the-shoulders have become the most integral aspect of my bohemian chic style. Although the fit of these shirts is distinct in itself, I’m always trying to find unique ways of dressing them.

 One of my favorite styling tricks is pairing them with either a choker or layering of necklaces. Because your entire neck is exposed, you’re given the perfect opportunity to show off your glam accessories.


Another way I incorporate them within my daily routine is by placing them under a pair of overalls. This is a great way of dressing your denim up, while not looking too overdone. I also suggest arranging them with a high-waisted skirt or pair of shorts, depending on which season you’re dressing for.

My absolute favorite way of styling off-the-shoulder shirts, however, is by keeping things as simple and sweet as possible. On the days I want to look cute but don’t have time to put much thought into my outfit, I reach for one of these shirts, pull on a pair of cuffed jeans, and zip up a pair of booties…this look is definitely the epitome of my style.


Today’s fashion industry is finding the most unique ways of designing these shirts. I’ve found them in stores I never imagined would sell them. Ann Taylor Loft, for instance, has joined the off-the-shoulder scene with this cream, bell sleeve blouse. As you can see, this shirt evokes a sense of elegance, while still keeping the look fresh and fun.

Tilly’s is another store that has my back on my never-ending quest for off-the-shoulders. I’ve hit the motherload here the past few seasons as it has a great supply of this staple item. With plenty of short and long sleeved, as well as solid and patterned options, I always find what I’m looking for…and more.


Overall, it’s the sassy yet classy quality of these shirts that draws me to them most. Although they show some skin, they do it in only the most tasteful of ways. Styles are consistently changing, but I have a feeling I’ll always manage to incorporate off-the-shoulders into my fashion routine somehow.

I’m constantly seeking inspiration and would  absolutely love to see how you style your off-the-shoulder shirts. Be sure to post your look on social media and tag ASU’s Fashion Journalism Club.


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