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Cirque de So Chic: Local Designer to Debut First Collection

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Daniel Ogas

Megan Barbera is poised to debut her first collection, “Dark Fantasy,” at the Cirque de So Chic fashion show on Tuesday, Nov. 29 at Arizona State University (ASU)’s Old Main.

The charity event is a collaboration between The Chic Daily, ASU Fashion Collective and Style Line Magazine.

“I’m super excited,” Barbera said. “I like to approach things my own way, and come up with things organically.”

Barbera’s creative style is not only unique to her, but it also challenges every status quo that exists in the world of fashion.

“I want people to look at my designs and realize certain things can actually go together,” Barbera said.

Barbera also said she has fun pairing colors and textures that many other designers would avoid.

According to Barbera, her process is about elevating basic designs by incorporating details and accessories that make all the difference.

Barbera’s collection is something she hopes will be seen collectively rather than piece by piece.

“When I make things I think of the full look, not the individual piece,” Barbera said.

Tuesday evening will be a full circle moment for Barbera, who was once the president of the Fashion Journalism Club, now known as The Chic Daily. She was part of the organization that initiated this event years ago.

“It is so crazy, really a full circle moment,” Barbera said. “To see how it has progressed and grown is a cool experience.”

In addition to coming back to her roots, this will be Barbera’s debut as a designer at a major fashion show.

“I’m definitely nervous, but also really excited,” Barbera said.

Barbera’s narrative is about so much more than the designs she creates. Her perseverance is a testament to the human experience and how we are all capable of accomplishing our dreams.

“Stop caring what people think and just do what you want,” Barbera said. “I listened to everyone except myself. I did things by the book.”

Once she learned to trust her intuition, and create based on her own development, Barbera flourished.

“Dark Fantasy” is a collection inspired by aerial silk dancers. Barbera wants people to see this line as a cumulation of stretch fabrics that are worthy of dancing in.

This collection also drew a great sense of inspiration from the show’s theme.

“A big part of the circus theme is fantasy, and I wanted to take that a step further,” Barbera said.

Tickets for the show can be purchased here. Be sure to follow Barbera, The Chic Daily, ASU Fashion Collective and Style Line Magazine on Instagram.

“Everything is as it is meant to be, you are exactly where you are meant to be,” Barbera said.


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