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Creating Art with Diverse People – Bahe Photography

By Ajaden Walter

Inside a tiny apartment alongside the border of Phoenix and Tempe lays a studio where photographer and filmmaker Harrison J. Bahe achieves his “creative high” by simply doing what he loves to do: taking pictures.

A local to the Phoenix area, the 28-year-old photographer is running his own photography website, in addition to being an accomplished independent filmmaker. “I was a filmmaker first; the photography came through the filmmaking.”

In Bahe’s photography, one key factor to many of his photos is his use of LGBTQ+-identifying individuals as models.

“I’m openly gay so I think it was only natural to use LGBTQ models,” Bahe said.

In addition to using LGBTQ+ models, Bahe also pushes for other various forms of diversity in his photos including body-diversity, shooting both heterosexual and LGBTQ+ relationships, racial diversity and gender non-conformity.

When it comes to the clothes worn by the models during the shoots, Bahe leaves it completely up to them. “I’m a fairly liberal photographer, I’m open to any personal style,” he said.

The criteria are simple: three wardrobe changes and a shirtless shot. Bahe’s relatively laid-back stance on what is worn by the models allows for more expression from the models as individuals.

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“In my photography, I capture a more revealing side of whoever’s modeling for me,” he said.

Bahe, who characterizes his own photography as sensual, likes to keep it personal with his models. “Every person I meet has their own story,” he said.

Bahe makes it a point after shooting to take a selfie with every model he’s worked with. In addition, he has a conversation with his models so he can really connect with the stories that they have to tell.

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Bahe plans on being a photographer for the rest of his life. To him, there is no bigger rush than meeting new people and allowing the art to transpire from shot to shot.

“My favorite thing about being a photographer is that I pretty much create art with people,” Bahe said.

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