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Cross Country Style: Bringing the Midwest to Phoenix

By Susanna Eckstein

Coming from Ohio to Arizona definitely required me to change my fall fashion style. The fall style of the Midwest involves lots of layering, denim and generally thicker fabrics for the cool temperatures fall brings.

When I moved to Phoenix, the temperature adjustment required me to lose the heavy fabrics and find new ways of layering to still make outfits interesting.

Look 1: An oversized statement scarf, paired with a neutral tone long-sleeved shirt or sweater and denim.

To remake this style to be wearable for the higher temperatures, pair a summer tank with denim and then a cardigan (cardigans are removable so you won’t get too hot!).

Instead of the heavy scarf, match with a layered necklace and a watch. This will make the outfit interesting and keep that put-together look.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 10.36.40 AM

Look 2: A flannel, denim or leggings, and boots. Combat boots and riding boots are extremely popular because they are warm and versatile.


To incorporate some of this style into fall Arizona fashion, pair the flannel with shorts or wrap the flannel around your waist. Keeping the flannel as a statement and then pairing it with lighter fabrics will make it totally wearable in AZ. You can keep the boots or opt for sandals or heels depending on the weather and the look you’re going for.

For me, it has been so fun figuring out how to tweak my style and use the same statement pieces in both the Midwest and the Southwest. My best advice is to know your go-to style pieces for fall and then work around these pieces to create your outfits based on your part of the country. Most importantly–have fun with it!


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