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Dates for each Love Language

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Ava Mixon

Take a moment to think about how you like to receive or show love, and use your love language to plan this year’s Valentine’s Day date. Being aware of your love language can help your Valentine’s Day be that much more special. Whether your love language is quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, or receiving gifts, take a second to think about what date idea will make you and your partner feel the most loved.

Quality Time

For all my quality time lovers out there, here are some ideas to make sure you make the most of your Valentine’s Day celebration. Think about activities that you feel the most connected to whomever you’re celebrating with. Whether that be a picnic date where you paint portraits of each other and eat your favorite snacks, or a fancy dinner and a game night where you can reveal a new side to each other. Quality time is all about making sure you are living in the moment together.

Physical Touch

Now for my physically affectionate friends, date ideas can be more than just a night of cuddling and kissing. Consider partner yoga. It isn’t as easy as you may think, and you are guaranteed to get a good laugh. If yoga is too out of your comfort zone, that’s fine. A couples massage and spa day could be a relaxing way to destress from life and relax together. Now, maybe you really are the stay-in and chill type. If so, try switching it up and going to a drive-in movie. Deck out the trunk of the car with pillows and blankets and cuddle up to whatever movie you can find.

Words of Affirmation

To all my communicators out there who rely on words of affirmation to receive or show love, you aren’t left out! I’ve got some date ideas for you too. Now obviously love should be shown daily, not just Valentine’s Day, but here are some ideas to make someone feel extra special on this day. Send a good morning text to those you love. The small gesture will let them know you are thinking of them and set up the rest of the day to go well. Make sure to share something you love about them. Let them know they’re appreciated! You can even take the old-school approach and write a love letter. Or, if you’re really feeling fancy, make a playlist that reflects your relationship. Music lovers know music is its own love language.

Acts of Service

The selfless lovers out there who value acts of service, these ideas are for you. This is your time to shine, you take on the responsibility of making Feb. 14 the most romantic day. Make a homemade meal, or order takeout, either way, have it ready for your partner to sit and enjoy. Think about things that you can do to make the day as easy as possible for your partner. Get things done for them. This could be dreadful things like chores or romantic things like decorating for a cute night in.

Receiving Gifts

Gift giving is a popular form of showing love on Valentine’s Day. But I don’t think that makes it any less of a love language. The gesture of a gift, small or big, is all about the thought. When it comes to a date idea there can be multiple approaches. One could be choosing to pay for the whole date as a gift for your significant other. Something like dinner or an activity like mini-golf or the arcade are some cute ideas. The other approach you can take is to surprise your lover with gifts that will show how much you pay attention to them. Put together a gift basket of things they say they want or need, and surprise them on the special day.

Love languages can be representative of how you like to show or receive love. Consider the love languages of you and your partner when planning this year’s special festivities. If you don’t know about love languages, have that convo! It will make your relationship so much stronger when you are showing your love effectively. Plan the date and celebrate!


What love language date do you want to try? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter or leave a comment!


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