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The holidays book the last few months of the year and the season is busy with buying gifts, family visits and festive food. Match your hair with the season by wearing some new accessories in addition to a new necklaces or earrings.

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Try a sparkly headband that has unique shapes or combines silver and gold tones. It can compliment a sleek bun with no part or parted hair down with two pieces pinned back.

 Another way to incorporate the season is to add in some glittering tinsel and have it weaved through the hair. Other colors besides silver such as red or blue can act as the statement piece of the outfit ( has festive combinations such as Lipstick Colors), paired with a simple LBD and peep toe heels.

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A popular trend right now is slicked back hair with no visible part; this can work with some larger chandelier earrings or some simple studs that give a clean appearance. Try to do this if your part isn’t behaving; it is still a sophisticated style that looks effortless. Start by teasing the section that is going to be pulled back, and by using a dime-sized amount of product (RUSK’s Wired, is a great one for texture) work it through the hair and pin back.


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When the calendar is booked solid through the end of 2013, put your hair in a cute bun to save time between events during the week. To help the bun look its best use Dry Shampoo which absorbs oil (Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo is a great one). Focus on putting the shampoo at the roots and finger-through the rest of the hair. An option is to tease the front section or bangs and pin it back in a pouf, then take the rest of the hair and put it into a bun. Pin pieces in different directions to create a messy bun. Another way to add some dimension to the bun is to take small pieces on either side and twist or braid them back into it. It’s a great way to show off a backless dress or bring attention to a chunky necklace.

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By: Alyssa Tufts


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