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Depop: 5 Dos’ for Sellers and Buyers

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Angela Anderson and Grace Copperhite

If you’re new to the Depop family and are looking to get rid of some old clothes in exchange for cash I have some seller tips for you! Read below to become an expert with Depop.

Seller’s Dos:

1) Have Good Photos

Having good photos is critical to make your listings stand out amongst others. Keeping a consistent, eye-catching feed establishes your brand and makes your page aesthetically pleasing. Set up a backdrop in front of a window, go outside or find a natural light source that makes for bright and clear pictures to illuminate your shop and items.

An expert level camera isnt necessary, but investing money or time into good photo editing materials, such as Adobe’s free Lightroom app (I’m obsessed with their presets) can make a huge difference. Although, as a seller you have freedom to design your posts in any way that makes you happy, the best listings present clothes that are tried on and modeled, styled, and show the way the item fits.

If you aren’t comfortable taking photos of you wearing your items, at least ditch the hanger, and try employing some friends to do a photoshoot with you and make a day out of it.

Adding additional photos with measurements or that show flaws gives the buyers transparency, and helps in making a sale go much more smoothly.

2) Communicate with Buyers

A good buyer typically asks questions before purchasing the item; such as inquiries about quality, measurements, and how flexible they are on price. Responding to these questions in a quick, open, and kind matter helps you establish a relationship with the potential purchaser, and is key to making sales.

Waiting too long to respond or not fully answering questions and being rude is a total turn-off, as buyers lose interest, you will lose sales. As a seller, having willingness to negotiate on prices, and give sale and shipping discounts on bundles makes shoppers feel more inclined and excited to buy from you.

3) Give Accurate Descriptions

Having descriptions that are accurate, precise, and congruent with the listing and its aesthetic are critical for gaining exposure and sales on Depop. The listing’s text should be spaced out versus a long paragraph – because who wants to read through that- and clearly provide the item’s brand, size, related details, measurements (including your own measurements if you’re the model) and its condition.

An item’s description should also include a title that describes the item, including it’s brand and relevant words that will put your account in the limelight and make your listings easy to find. However, sellers should be super careful not to spam Depop’s feed with irrelevant and misbranded tags, as they prevent other sellers from getting publicity and can (and most definitely) result in getting your listings removed. In other words, use tagging to your advantage and not against you, and do not tag items with brands or other unrelated phrases for exposure.

4) Don’t be Shy, Promote Yourself!

Promoting your Depop profile can be a fun and rewarding way for you to gain followers and attain appeal for your shop. Use social media such as Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok to link your Depop account, display what you’re selling, and take your audience behind the scenes of what goes on into creating your feed. Sharing your Depop can make your account stand out and reach a wide audience helping you to maximize your profits.

5) Ship with Kindness

$8 on Depop by isabellelacad

Shipping in a timely manner is the best way to show buyers that you have their best interest at heart. By shipping fast and hassle-free, your buyer will trust you and remember your timeliness; some buyers might even buy from your shop again!

Use Depop’s shipping labels as they provide the easiest way to obtain a label and tracking number which automatically tracks the buyer’s package once it has shipped.

Before shipping, make sure all items are clean, lint-free and ironed! A good tip is adding a dryer sheet folded within your order as a way to keep it fresh and add some fragrance. Get creative with your packaging, and don’t hesitate to tie ribbons, use tissue paper or add whatever you feel to make your gift to your buyer sincerely from you.

Leaving notes and leaving small trinkets is also a great way to show your buyer that they are valued. This shows kindness and puts a smile on your buyer’s face, creating trust and a friendly environment for the buyer.

Adding your social media accounts at the end of a note is a way to make friends and buyers will often keep in touch. By taking a little extra time to write a note or leave a sticker or scrunchie in your buyer’s package you’ll be sure to get a 5-star review and a repeat buyer.


What’s are your Depop tips? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter or leave a comment!

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