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Depop Weekly Finds of the Week

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By: Roxanne Banuelos

I absolutely love shopping on Depop. It’s a peer to peer shopping app, where anyone can buy and sell from thousands of products, providing the perfect selection of items for almost anyone. Depop has an eclectic mix of women’s and men’s clothing, accessories, books, music, shoes, beauty products, and so much more. Anyone who looks on Depop is bound to find something they like.

Since discovering Depop in high school, I have bought and sold countless items. Depop is where I go to lust over pretty clothes, and many nights have been spent staring at my likes page, dreaming of outfits I could make if I had the money to buy it all.

While Depop has its pros and cons, I have continued shopping on the app for several, obvious reasons.

The first being, I love clothes and shopping, and Depop lets me spend my money in an awfully convenient way. Through Depop, you can find high-end and interesting clothes that you wouldn’t find in just any thrift store.

Additionally, in today’s fast-paced world of fashion, shoppers are rapidly consuming clothing, and often, when people buy cheap clothing from places like Forever 21, H&M, and Shein, they wear it once and post it for much less on Depop. Depop gives these pieces a second life and allows shoppers access to a more sustainable way to buy really cheap trendy clothing without directly supporting fast fashion.

Additionally, one of the true beauties of Depop is the ability to bid on prices. And for shoppers who are more into a certain designer, this is a great way to source cheap designer goods. Many sellers post rare and vintage designer pieces for way less-than designer prices.

Buyers must always shop carefully because Depop is not all rainbows and mini-skirts. Be careful to read the seller’s reviews before buying, completely read item descriptions and measurements, and make sure to ask for authenticity with designer clothing. Check photos for any visible flaws in clothing. No one likes being scammed, and unfortunately, it can happen. Depop does have buyer-protection in certain instances, but buyer discretion is advised, and ask the seller any questions you have before purchasing.

Below, I have rounded up some of Depop’s cutest finds of the week. This weekly collection showcases the best that Depop has to offer. Enjoy a curated selection of charming vintage shoes, bold fall sweaters, adorable accessories, and more!

Here is the link for the whole collection.


Steve Madden: $25, Size: 7W

Vintage, $26. Size: 8W

Prada, $100. Size: 8W

Asics, $50. Size: 6W


Leopard Cape Coat, $40. Size: small

Vintage Babydoll Sweater, $30. Size: XS.


Brandy Melville Dress, $19. Size: one size


Brandy Melville Butterfly Crop, $24. Size: one size

Rose Snake Top: $10. Size: medium

Shein Lavender Top, $7. Size: small


Vintage Lace-up Skirt, $32 Size: small

Vintage Cowgirl Shorts, $44.20. Size: 28



What’s your favorite Depop find? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter or leave a comment!

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