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Devils in Lace Fashion Show

The “Devils in Lace” fashion show was at the MU on the Tempe Campus on Nov. 13. Former ASU students that belong to the Fashionistas at ASU club came onto the runway and modeled the new lingerie from the brand Adore Me, which just came onto the market about a year ago.

Founder Morgan Hermanz, and Co-Founder, Gary Bravard were both born in Paris and came to the U.S. to start up a business similar to Victoria Secret, but for half the price. The lingerie comes with all different styles, and textures, and all for only $39.95 with free shipping and handling.

From a hot pink doll set, to an animal print lace set, it gives women a chance to have sleepwear and lingerie all at the same time.

One ASU student from the fashionistas club will be chosen based on how many likes and rankings she gets online and will go and represent Arizona State University in a competition against the other universities to win first place to get an all paid photo shoot in New York with one of the hottest photographers and get her face featured and exposed.

The Campus Catwalk organization was at the event and CEO Eman Befandi is in charge of the Fashionistas at ASU club. Campus Catwalk tries to go from one campus to the next by expanding fashion and keeping it real.

At the event, they were able to partner with Adore Me, and Campus Catwalk was able to provide the former models for their company.

Adore Me not only features sleepwear, but also sells corsets, bras and panties. There are a lot of different colors to choose from, as well as different styles and patterns. All classy, cute and sexy at the same time and perfect for any woman in any size, shape or form.

Agnes Kozina Photo Credits: Natalie Lopez


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