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Different genres to bring diverse fashion at the upcoming Phoenix Lights Festival

By Megan Barbera

The Phoenix lights festival is approaching, bringing together fans of all different types of artists and music. Music festivals are a calling for fashion lovers to bring out their best outfits, and often times, fans of certain artists hold a distinct style, influenced by their icon of choice.

The headliners of Phoenix Lights are Travis Scott, Martin Garixx, Gucci Mane and Diplo. These artists are a representation of EDM and rap music, genres that contrast in terms of what their fans can be seen wearing.

Fans of Travis Scott often are inspired by his grunge, streetwear-inspired style. Gucci Mane fans can be seen wearing more casual gear, with some streetwear inspiration. Rap music fans typically hold a looser, more casual vibe when it comes to their clothes, however, they always manage to look distinguished and cool.

1st Annual Roc City Classic

Photo courtesy of Power106.

Martin Garixx and Diplo as headliners will bring in fans involved the wild world of EDM culture. Bright colors, bold prints and minimal clothing are a norm in rave culture, making those who style themselves like so stick out in a crowd.


Photo courtesy of Malay Mail.

The fashion at Phoenix Lights will be diverse, as the contrast in genres of the headliners is bound to bring in fans of two different and distinct aesthetics. It is important to note the styles of certain fan bases, as it often is a reflection of the artist and how they’re influencing their listeners.


Photo courtesy of iHeartRaves.

Keep your eye out for more coverage on the Phoenix Lights Festival and the fashion trends that rule festival season. Which act are you most excited to see? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter!


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