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Disneyland guide to a magical spring break

By Brielle Ashford Photos by Brielle Ashford

Aside from the frat parties and library all-nighters, in college, there are few events famed as the spring break vacation. With the plethora of Instagram and Facebook posts documenting everything from newly purchased bikinis to crazy parties, it’s no wonder having jaw-dropping spring break plans are all the rage.

However, as any student knows, the crazed ideas your squad dreams up often come to a screeching halt. Whether the ‘rents vetoed your Mexican beach party plans, or your weekend job couldn’t quite cover the flight to the Bahamas, (and if you’re not ready to be the star of the next Spring Breakers movie to make your vacation happen) alternatives are necessary.

This is the collegiate guide to a more affordable, parental-proof spring break: Disneyland

Right in Anaheim, California, just outside of Los Angeles, Disneyland is a great weekend getaway to enjoy the magic of being young in a sunny place where spring break fantasies are made.

So, buy yourself some mickey mouse ears and take your plans to the next level with these five best rides and snacks to make your Disney spring break dreams come true, from two college roommates to you and yours!

Disneyland Spring Break 2017 Picture 3


Indiana Jones Adventure

This crazy coaster has theatrics to put other rides to shame. With an abundance of twists and turns and a room full of skulls to make Indiana himself shudder, this ride is a can’t miss!

Disneyland Spring Break 2017 Picture 1

Space Mountain

Space Mountain claims its spot among Disneyland’s most unique rides. Aside from spontaneous flashes of light, the ride is almost entirely in the dark! This combo of whips and drops are unpredictable, making it one of the park’s most exciting.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain is a classic that really gives the feel of a runaway train with an intense break problem! This ride has drops in the dark and turns through the wild west; it’s a must-ride for all Disneyland goers!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Set to reopen from a brief refurbishment shut down this March 2017, Pirates is an obvious choice if headed to the park. Sailing down the waterway of captain Jack Sparrow, amidst gunshots and waterworks, this attraction seems so real it might leave you saying “the pirate life’s for me!”

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Infamous for the monster keeping you from ever leaving the park, or at least that’s how it may seem when riding this one, the Matterhorn Bobsleds take riders on an icy adventure, cruising them through a snowy mountain as if dashing for life!


One of the most exciting parts of a big vacation is trying exotic foods, but you don’t have to go to another country or island paradise to try some new flavors. Disneyland has a food culture all its own.

Dole Whip

This intensely flavored pineapple soft serve is sure to blow tasters away. On a hot day, it’s Adventureland’s perfect refresher. It’s also a classic nighttime treat as the park lights up and truly begins to come to life!

Disneyland Spring Break 2017 Picture 2

Turkey Leg

The jumbo turkey legs of Disney are creations of movie magic. It’s no wonder 1.6 million of these legs are bought annually at the six Disney parks! These delicious, juicy snacks are fit for two and definitely are a must-try.

Mickey’s Ice Cream Bars

 These little ice cream bars are not to be underestimated! Although plain-looking, the dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream mix to make a flavor each park visitor craves. Although the flavors do sound like a basic combo, this is one of the best ice cream bars out there (another case of movie magic, perhaps?)

New Orleans Square Clam Chowder

This tasty chowder served in a bread bowl is the perfect snack. It makes you feel as if you’re cruising down the bayou with Princess Tiana herself. Especially for the spring months when the weather in Anaheim may not be blistering hot, one might hope for this warm soup.

Carnation Cafe Breakfast

To make the most of a full day in Disneyland, getting to the park as soon as it opens is a common practice; however, if you’d rather start slow and not go straight for the lines, a good breakfast is a wonderful place to begin. Look no further than Carnation Cafe, a restaurant right along Main Street that lives up to its name with blooming flowers all around. Go for the spinach and tomato-egg white frittata or the country fried steak and eggs.

We hope you had a magical spring break and recommend you consider this adventure for your next!


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