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DIY: Glass Dorm Decor

By Madison DeHaven

Unfortunately, glass cannot be recycled in most dorms. You have to actually find somewhere to dispose of it out in the world. If you’re like me, those lemonade bottles and coffee containers just pile up in the corner, collecting dust.

So what are college students to do when they find empty glass containers in their possession? Turn them into decor! Assuming your specific containers abide by your dorm’s policies, they can be a great way to add personality to your space.

Pencil Jar

1 Pencil Jar

Photo by Madison DeHaven

You don’t need to get too creative to make your desk a little more fun. A mason jar or glass coffee container can be used to hold utensils and add an effortlessly crafty vibe to your study area.

Decorative Vase

2 Vase

Photo by Madison DeHaven

Bottles make excellent vases, and the decorating options are endless.

For example, collages are not just reserved for flat surfaces. Decorating a vase with cutouts from your favorite magazines can showcase your personality and interests to guests. It can also be an alternative platform for a vision board, like the one pictured above.

Flowers can add color and pizzazz to an otherwise dismal study space. Or, since flames are usually not allowed in dorms or apartments, this is a decorative way to store incense. Most brands don’t even need to be lit for their scent to fill a small room.

Plant Jar

3 MasonJarHarbGarden

A salsa jar or mason jar is the perfect size for planting a small herb to keep in your dorm. This helpful article from The Contractor  suggests adding rocks at the bottom of the container before adding the soil. This will help drain excess water from the soil. Keep in mind the glass may heat quickly, so be careful of storing your plants near a window. A plant that requires little sunlight may work best for this project.

You can also make your own chalkboard paint using baking soda and acrylic paint to create a label for your plant container.

So don’t stress about that growing pile of glass in your room. Be it functional or decorative (or both!), there are countless ways to put those containers to use!


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