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DIY High-Waisted Shorts

By: Gabrielle Hester 

High-waisted shorts are a staple piece especially here in the Arizona heat. We’ve all contemplated whether the $50 perfectly distressed shorts are really worth it. Instead of spending tons of money, why not DIY your own unique pair? Here are the few simple steps to make an incredibly customizable pair of shorts!

1. Go Thrifting!

Take an adventure down to your local thrift store and begin your search for the perfect pair of high waisted jeans.

I found mine at my local goodwill for around $7!

2. Measure

Once you’re home try on your jeans and make a mark with a sharpie on both legs to your desired length. (Tip: always cut it longer because it’s easier to cut off another inch or so than to cut them too short!)

3. Make the Cut

Fold your jeans in half so that the marks you made earlier are visible. Cut on a flat surface. Make sure to cut at an angle with the outer edge being slightly higher than the inner corner. Make sure to keep the cut straight and along the mark.

4. Time to Distress


Here’s the fun part! Grab an old toothbrush, or a piece of sandpaper, tweezers and some scissors.

Once you’ve decided where you want to distress, place a magazine under each leg to ensure you don’t cut through the other side.

Cut little slits where you want holes in your shorts. I cut a slit on the back pocket and in the front towards the bottom.

I used tweezers to pick at strings in the slit and try to fringe it.

An alternative is to rub sandpaper on the slit to try and distress it and make the strings more visible so that you can pick at the strings.

5. Wash Them

Now it’s time to wash your wash your masterpiece. Luckily, the washer helps to distress your shorts further. When you’re distressing your shorts don’t worry about fringing the bottoms because the washer will fray the ends!

6. Customize

No DIY is compete without a little customizing! I left mine distressed, however you can add studs to the pockets, patches, or even lace on the bottom of the shorts.

7. Admire your Creation


Pull your shorts out of the dryer, slip them on and rock your new staple fashion piece!

This DIY is super simple and so fun! Everyone will be asking you where you got your amazing shorts and you can proudly say you made them yourself!

The best part about these high-waisted shorts is that they are super versatile!

You can pair them with a bralette and simple tee, a crop top, or even throw on a flannel and wear tights under your shorts to make a transition into fall.

I paired my shorts with a striped tee from Brandy Melville and a golden pair of sandals from Target.

If you try out this DIY go ahead and tag @thechicdaily in an Instagram post of your beautiful creation!


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