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DIY Holiday Nail Art

Story and pictures by Mikayla Morehead

Christmas is just around the corner and there is so much to do in so little time. If you don’t have time to get your nails done, no worries! Below are three easy DIY holiday nail tutorials:



It wouldn’t be Christmas without snowflakes!

Step One: Paint a coat of red nail polish on your finger

Step Two: Make a cross in the middle of your finger with white nail polish

Step Three: Draw V’s on each end of the cross

Step Four: Draw an X in the middle of the cross

Candy Cane

A lazy girls guide to holiday nails!

Step One: Paint a coat of red nail polish on your finger.

Step Two: With white nail polish draw thin diagonal lines up and down your finger.


Nothing say Happy Holidays more than a cute little snowman!

Step One: Grab light blue nail polish and polish your nail completely.

Step Two: Grab a dotter tool and dip the tip with white nail polish to make the base of the snowman.

Step Three: Dip the dotter tool once again but this time, make the dot smaller than the first. This will be the head of the snowman.

Step Four: With the dotter make three small black dots down the body of the snowman. Add two small black dots side by side on the head of the snowman to make the eyes.

Step Five: Add a cute carrot nose by dipping the dotter in orange nail polish and putting the dot under the eyes.

Step Six: Draw a red scarf on the snowman by drawing a line in between the body and head. Once there is a line, attach two diagonal lines to the end of the first line.

Step Seven: Your snowman is almost done but with every snowman there is a hat. Above the snowman connect four brown dots to make a square. Add a brown line under the square to make a hat.


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