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DIY ways to Enhance your Pedicure

No outfit is complete without a killer pedicure. Whether you’re a flip-flop fan or more of a gladiator gal, every kind of sandal looks better with adorably polished toes peeking out. A fashionista on a budget shouldn’t have to shell out big bucks for a pedicure, especially when there are so many cute DIY ideas. So grab your favorite nail polishes and test out these four easy pedicures.


   There’s something about nautical style that is preppy and hip and classic and modern all at the same time.    Anchors may look complex, but all you need for this design is a striper polish (like regular nail polish, but    the brush is extra thin, so you can do more precise designs – A.K.A. the ultimate blessing to all nail art        enthusiasts). I went with Barbie pink and classic white, but you could take the nautical theme to the          next level with red and navy blue.

Photo by Libby Allnat

floral pedicure


A lot of people would say floral prints should be reserved for spring, but I don’t think the season should put limits on nail style. Flowers are a cute and easy touch to any pedicure. Use a Q-tip (they even make Q-tips with extra pointy ends, specifically for nail art!) to make 6 dots in the shape of a flower. Use contrasting colors to make the flowers really pop. For example, bright yellow on top of pastel lavender shows up a lot better than say, pink on red or navy blue on black.

Photo by Libby Allnat

floral2 pedicure

Contrasting Floral:

We’ve all heard of accent fingernails, but accent toenails sound a little questionable. However, don’t limit      yourself to painting all toes the same color. Tie everything together by painting the big toe with a      contrasting base color then using the color of the other toes for th e design, such as flowers.

Photo by Libby Allnat


The chevron craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so hop on the bandwagon by donning the trendy  zig-zag stripes on your toes. The stripes look challenging, but all you need is a steady hand and nifty  striper polish.

Photo by Libby Allnat

Photos and Article by Libby Allnat


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