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Do We Look For Love, Or Let Love Find Us?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By: McKenna Leavens

Viewer discretion is advised — What you are about to read is from a hopeless romantic who loves being in love.

After my breakup, I struggled with the whole dating thing. I had always expected everyone to be “the one” when it’s actually the exact opposite.

I met my first love unexpectedly. It was a couple of days before Halloween and my friend decided to throw a party. I was dreading going and even though I didn’t have a costume until a couple of hours before, I decided to go and be social.

I walked in and saw this boy who looked familiar though I had never met him before. I kept asking my friends “who is he?” “I NEED to meet him,” and eventually he came up and introduced himself.

When I heard his voice, I swear it was love at first sound, and the rest is history.

I definitely was not looking for love that night, and actually was working on loving myself during that time. My love with him was epic.

It was messy and euphoric all at once, it was true and genuine love.

After my first love ended, I was stuck not knowing how to love again, or even if I wanted to, but like I said previously, I love being in love.

So I started to asking myself, “Do I go out and look for love again?” or “Do I let it come to me?”

The cliche saying of “the best love comes when we least expect it” is I don’t completely disagree with, since I am not the most patient person in the world.

The issue today is so few people are actually looking for love. In my opinion, most have given up or are absolutely terrified of the idea of it. Then there are people like me who are always on the lookout for their next forever person. I think that’s my issue as well with all the other hopeless romantics out there.

I met my first love during a time when I was learning how to fall in love with myself. I went through a lot of awful guys before I found him, and I think I sometimes forget that.

Epic love isn’t something that comes around daily, it’s something that comes along every so often. It’s our choice whether or not we want to open our hearts to this type of love.

So, I say yes. I say let’s open our hearts and love. Love so hard and love unconditionally and unapologetically.

If you are looking for love here’s some advice — know your worth and always love yourself first.

Don’t let someone else define you. Do not collect red flags just to be in love. If he/she isn’t the one that’s okay, you’ll find someone who is.

Don’t let someone tell you they don’t want to be with you more than once, you deserve someone who chooses you first every single day.

Most importantly, never let one bad relationship determine your fate, just because your relationship ended doesn’t mean you’re unlovable.

If you haven’t found love yet don’t worry, maybe it’s lost or just needs a little help getting to its destination. Next time that guy from your math class asks you to coffee say yes!

Be open to the fact that the next love of your life could be anyone. They might be someone you see every day or someone who is a complete stranger. Don’t be afraid tell the person you have a crush on how you feel, and stop hiding from love because one day it will find you.


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