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Dorm Room Snacks Done the Right Way

The “Freshman 15:” the ominous phrase used to describe the inevitable weight gain experienced by those who are new to the college scene. After all, when pizza for breakfast is a daily option and the high-calorie deliciousness of a Starbucks Frappuccino is within walking distance, it can be hard to resist a little indulgence.

But guess what? Healthy habits don’t have to die upon entrance to college! It is possible to eat healthy. So ditch the Ramen and check out these yummy snack ideas to munch on in your dorm. They’re easy, delicious, nutritious and will help you avoid an ice cream binge-fest in the dining hall.

The Ideal Combo: Apple slices and peanut butter is a snack time classic. You get a serving of fruit with a dose of protein. Adding pretzels to the mix can also help satisfy a salty craving. (Much better than a heaping plate of fries!) Fruity, nutty and salty? Perfect.


Parfait on a Plate: I try not to be partial to certain fruits, but let’s be real—nothing beats good ol’ berries. Put a dollop of yogurt on strawberries or blueberries, and add almonds for some crunch. This snack is both yummy and versatile—it makes a great breakfast for those days when you want a break from Cocoa Puffs and Pop-Tarts.


Healthy “S’mores:” Easy—slice up a banana and put on graham crackers. Optional: Throw some dark chocolate chips into the mix or spread on some Nutella to satisfy your sweet tooth in the most delicious and nutritious way possible.


Story and Photos By Libby Allnatt


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