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Dress to impress: A business casual lookbook

By: Amber Godbehere

What is “Business Casual”?

Business casual is the go-to style for business professionals, and it is seen everywhere in the workplace. Putting together a business casual look takes a little more effort, but it is something most college students will eventually have to perfect if they seek a career in the professional world.

According to the Business Insider, business casual includes a blouse, a dress or skirt at knee-length or below, a knit shirt or sweater and slacks.

Business casual is what you would wear to a job every day, depending on what your career is. College students who are working in internships are expected to wear business casual attire every day. Sorority organizations also require girls to wear business casual attire to chapter every so often.  

Business casual is a must for feeling confident in a job interview and an essential in a professional wardrobe. Let’s take a look at some different examples of business casual for women, and when to wear them.


Here is a perfect example of business casual during the fall season. This outfit includes a black long-sleeve top, orange slacks and black wedges. This is the perfect business casual look that for your professional every day job during the fall season It is super comfy, and a look that is super easy to recreate! All you need is a long sleeve top, slacks that fit the color scheme of your top and wedges. If you want to spice up this look you can add a scarf or some fun jewelry to go with this outfit!


Here is a business casual fashion look that can rock around your Christmas tree! This  is perfect for the winter season. This look includes a dark blouse, slacks and heels. I love the color scheme in this outfit, the perfect black with a touch of white on the blouse. This  outfit is perfect for a professional workplace, job interviews, sorority meetings and even if you just want to look professional at your next family gathering. To copy this look, all you need is a cute blouse with professional pants that match and heels.


We all know the saying that black goes with just about anything,  in this look it is true! This is a perfect business casual outfit for the spring season. This look includes a black romper, pink jacket, and heels. As long as the romper isn’t too short, it is perfect to wear to work, or also to a sorority meeting. This is a very stylish outfit that is super easy to copy, especially if you want to have black standout in a way that fits your personality. All you need is a romper or dress, a cute jacket and heels that match the color scheme. Even adding a little bit of jewelry always helps add to the look.


This business casual look could honestly rock any season. I love this outfit because it is very professional but at the same time very stylish. This look includes a long sleeve top with a plaid skirt and tan heels. This outfit is perfect for your job interview, your professional job and even a fun, dressy event. The color scheme even matches the model perfectly. To copy this look all you need is a cute sweater, skirt and heels or wedges.

As you can see, there are so many ways for women to wear business casual attire. It is important to remember when picking out what outfit you should wear to your next job interview or work day, to make sure the outfit and colors represent who you are. So start learning now, what your style is and what outfits really represent the best in you.

I am always very grateful to be a woman when choosing business casual outfits because I get to dress in professional clothes that are stylish and help me feel powerful. I hope these business casual fashion looks gave you some ideas or inspirational for your own business casual outfits.


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