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Dressing Up Your Inner Devil

As a freshman fashionista at ASU, it is quite the daunting task to be both spirited and super chic with my style, but there are a myriad of ways to find a happy medium between the two.  As I was admiring my freshly polished maroon and gold manicure I got done for the recent football game, I thought, “Why not incorporate Arizona State University colors into my style so that they can come across as classy and fashion forward?”

Showing school spirit doesn’t have to mean wearing collegiate gear that has the school’s name explicitly printed all over it. Wearing school colors alone qualifies as having school spirit, otherwise wearing maroon on Mondays and gold on Fridays wouldn’t exist!  Sometimes this is fine to do every now and then, but it becomes repetitive for someone who is always trying to create trendy outfits daily.

The first step in making this perfect compromise is to manifest maroon and gold colors into accessories and finishing touches, such as nails.  To spark the spirit, I painted my nails maroon, but followed the current nail trend by painting my ring finger a yellow-gold color.  Other ways to jazz up your nails would be to use glitter, or,for the artist, painting a pitchfork on your thumbs would be a creative idea.  Along with that, the explosion of gel manicures recently would be a great opportunity to test out these chic nail colors while having them last for more than one game!

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Representing ASU on your nails is just one option, but you may also try sporting a shimmery shade of gold eye shadow or even a bold maroon lip color –  try experimenting with what you like best! There are so many options and ideas available to create the perfect wardrobe for any sassy Sun Devil.  From your  head to your toes, the possibilities are endless.  Try not only nails and makeup, but find maroon and gold clothing from your favorite stores that could easily work for a history class during the day or a night on the town.

So let our separate styles stand out in the sea swimming with maroon and gold t-shirts; go whip up an ASU-themed outfit sure to get you the grade you are looking for.

Tamara Kraus

Photo Credits: Tamara Kraus


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