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Elevate Your Style: The Highline Box

By: Izeah Guiao

The Highline Box Contains:

Tie – Yellow Linen Stripe Tie – Casual tie

Bow tie – Red Woven Houndstooth Bow Tie

Socks – Green Taft Basic No-Show Socks

Pocket Square – Blue & White Floral Pocket Square

Lapel Pin – White Microfiber Lapel Pin

Pen – Roller Metal Pen

Mens Care Product – Brickell Face Moisturizer

Introduction to the Sprezzabox Line


Do you want to know the only part of the world that really matters? The details. Just think about it…you don’t remember the whole story you were told, just the small details that captivated you.

This concept is the truth for everything and that includes the outfits you are currently wearing. That small accessory whether it is a lapel, a pair of cufflinks, a bracelet, or a watch isn’t a small detail. It is the foundation that elevates your outfit and can separate the men from the boys.

Sprezzabox is a treasure chest of details waiting to be opened. With a subscription you get a small package of products delivered to you every month. The samples are hand-picked by their stylists, and the box means that each month has a grand surprise waiting for you. This month’s box is a limited edition,” The High Line Box “, and came with seven different products.

Here is my personal take on these products.


The Yellow Linen Stripe Tie will be a great addition to any guy’s wardrobe. This product has a textured aspect unlike silk or cotton ties and provides depth to your outfit. The yellow provides an accent to your dress shirt and pants for a bolder style. The casualness of the tie itself brings a vintage-esque look towards your wardrobe and will highlight you in a crowd of black ties.


This Metal Roller Pen alludes confidence and character that you can’t find in any run-of- the-mill pen you can find in a normal store. As a journalist this pen isn’t just an accessory that helps me look good but a way to show others who I am… it is a statement. Now the bowtie is a weapon every man should have in his arsenal because it can drastically alter an outfit. Especially this Red Woven Hounds Tooth Bow Tie, a product using unique diamond tipped edges on both sides. The pattern is a combination of black crosses on a red background that creates a daring or bold character.


The Pocket Square and Lapel Pin are accessories that have both figuratively and literally found their way a spot close to my heart. With these two accessories a man’s sophistication can be seen from across the room. For many formal events this Lapel Pin can be worn because the style is versatile and can go with a wide arrange of outfits. Now, the pocket square is a tradition that has faded away, but that should not be the case. Highlighting and accenting certain parts of a outfit are a must, and what better way to add character than a floral pocket square.

The Taft no-show green sock pair is an item that gives subtly to a man’s outfit. Especially in the Phoenix area where the heat is a huge factor in what a person wears. More men should partake in rolling up their ankle sleeves for both its stylish look, but conventional comfortability. That is when the no-show sock comes in to help men show some slight skin between their shoes and pants.

I love this type of subtle detail that adds on a layer of modern flare. Male face moisturizer was a great touch by the company stylists as well. The product is light and soft and helps mend clogged pores for the men who do sports but want to continue looking good.

Sprezzabox has done a great job with the choices they have made and I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried them before. The “ High Line Box “ contains products that have a wide versatility and can be used in different ways; all it needs is a creative consumer. My favorite product is the Linen Tie because of it’s bright color but quality – old aged style that can become a modern twist.


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