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Emerging Faces at Phoenix Fashion Week

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

By: Amalie Rhebeck

There is nothing quite like Phoenix Fashion Week, between its elegant venue at the Chateau Luxe as well as boasting the title of “The Leading Fashion Industry Event in the Southwest.” Phoenix Fashion Week has become a grand opportunity for designers and models alike to make their runway debut. Among them is designer Aracli Salazar, who is attending Phoenix Fashion Week for the first time and is premiering her collection on October 20th.

“My brand is ‘Aracli Brand,’ it’s out of my name. I’m inspired by the name because I’m supporting women and girls worldwide to find confidence and embrace possibilities,” she said. “So through all of my collections, I am bringing that energy to every woman and girl.”

Salazar, like many designers at Phoenix Fashion Week, is excited to be a part of this established runway show. All of the designers will be presenting their collections October 20-21, and many will also run pop-up shops during the event. The ultimate goal for the designers is that they will be given a chance to display their designs and the inspiration behind their brand.

“I’m looking forward [to] people falling in love with the meaning of our brand, which is the most important thing that we’re looking for, and finding inspiring people throughout our collections,” she said.

The show features many local emerging designers, such as 17-year-old Kimmy Pasternack who presented her brand Sloan Designs. Pasternack runs her brand out of Scottsdale, Arizona, where she designs “exquisite evening wear for the modern woman.”

“What’s unique about us is we’re designed by a female CEO for a female CEO. At our show in October, we are going to have a pop-up shop both nights. The items that are on the runway will all be auctioned and 100% of the proceeds are being donated to charities…” Pasternack said.

But all of these opportunities would not be possible without the returning faces at Phoenix Fashion Week. From designing the runway to operating the social media division, there are many “behind-the-scenes” members at Fashion Week. Beauty and Style Leader Gilbert Tellez has been working with the show for eight years. Along with running the makeup and hair department, he also is a part of the casting process for the models.

“I love getting to meet all the models when we do the casting because all of their applications come into my email so I get to see them first,” he explained. “This was almost a brand new squad of models [this year] that came in so it was really cool.”

Two of these fresh-faced models are Grace Walker and Olivia Hobrock. Both began modeling around a year ago and tried out for Phoenix Fashion Week after being encouraged by other people in the fashion industry. Beyond Fashion Week, both are looking to continue their modeling careers.

“I know Phoenix Fashion Week will help us get to this, but [the goal is] getting signed and booking a lot of work and getting the ball rolling,” Walker said. Hobrock nodded in agreement and added that she was looking forward to gaining the “experience.”

“I’m taking a modeling class… that I’m super excited about, so I’m hoping to expand my modeling career through Phoenix Fashion Week, as well as make a lot of connections,” Hobrock said.

Be sure to keep an eye out for these emerging designers and models at Phoenix Fashion Week on October 20th-21st, as they work to become the best of the Southwest.

What are you most looking forward to this season of Phoenix Fashion Week? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter or in the comments below!


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