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Emily in Paris, A Hit or Miss?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Lauren Lippert

By the end of episode two, I knew Netflix’s new series “Emily in Paris,” written by “Sex and The City’s” Darren Star, was going to be about everything I had hoped it to be. Flirty, passionate, and thrilling.

It’s a typical romance show where the girl enters a new country and meets a potential new lover only to cause issues back home but then again, who doesn’t love a cliched rom-com?

Emily, played by Lily Collins, is a passionate yet curious millennial who is assigned to bring American-ideals to a French agency that focuses on luxury brands. At first, it’s rocky because Emily has to prove herself to her judgy boss Sylvie Grateau, played by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu. Things get better due to Emily’s positive and optimistic energy.

Although the Paris trip was last minute and learning a new language can be extremely difficult, I felt myself cringing when she attempted to speak French with her co-workers. The scene, though relatable when entering any foreign country, made me want to skip ahead because it felt almost too fake.

What made me wanting more, however, was the spicy rendezvous scenes with her French neighbor, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). Between their cute almost dates and entertaining banter, the chemistry between both actors had me rooting for them in the end.

But, like any good rom-com the romance is never easy. It’s the unexpected plot twist that made me feel guilty for wanting Gabriel and Emily together. It’s the epic obstacles and moments like that, that made me binge-watch the entire season in a day.

The show received a lot of criticism because people claimed that it was a knockoff to the iconic show “Sex in the City.” Though I can understand the frustration, I didn’t really make the comparison but rather focused on the incredible performance by Collins.

Maybe it was the impeccable fashion that was presented throughout the show or the fact that like Carrie Bradshaw, Emily somewhat works a journalistic career as a PR professional.

“Emily in Paris” is the modern day version of “Sex in the City” and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Between the fashion, hilarious obstacles, and romantic moments, “Emily in Paris” is a perfect feel-good show made for anyone who appreciates cliche romances, fashion and of course, Paris.

With that being said, I’m counting down the days until season two comes out.


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