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Euphoria Fashion Analysis

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Jordan Mclain

The highly anticipated season two of “Euphoria” released last month, nearly three years after the first season dropped. As someone who recently binged the first season, I’ve noticed “Euphoria” can be aesthetically creative, especially when it comes to the styling of the characters. The bold looks in “Euphoria” are actually responsible for a large part of the show’s success, as “Euphoria” inspired fashion has increased in popularity.

The iconic “Euphoria” looks we see on-screen is thanks to Costume Designer Heidi Bivens, who actually tries to have the wardrobe for each character emulate who they are and reflect their unique personality as the show progresses. In a recent interview with Interview Magazine, Bivens touched on her experience styling for “Euphoria” saying, “In terms of style, I played it safe the first season. I really tried to be conscious of making it realistic.” She later continued, “This season, that went out the window, because I just wanted to have fun.” Bivens’ costume choices definitely speak to the lead figures’ evolving character. Here is my take on some of the looks we’ve seen her style so far:



I would describe Rue’s style to be related more to comfortability, rather than having a focus on fashion. Throughout the series, we see Rue’s looks showcase things like different types of casual bottoms, baggy/loose-fitted tops, and, in my opinion, some streetwear-inspired looks. She definitely dresses more laid-back and has the attitude where she doesn’t really care and just wears whatever she feels like.

I also notice that Rue often incorporates a lot of jackets/coats to wear over her attire and will wear two-piece individual clothing items that seem out of her regular style. Rue’s style is very unique to her, and I like how her fashion represents not being stagnant but having moments where we really don’t know how she’ll dress on certain occasions. Overall, after comparing both seasons, I would say she has the most consistent look out of the characters and continues to have a “f*ck it” attitude to what she wears.


Maddy is a character on “Euphoria” who has become iconic because of her impeccable fashion sense. I too would consider Maddy to be stylish, as she wears a lot of looks I feel like you would need a vast amount of confidence to pull off.

I would describe the types of clothes she wears as the type of clothes you would probably get dress-coded for wearing in high school. This would make sense, as Bivens herself said, “I know I sort of pushed the boundaries with some of the risqué looks that might not normally be allowed at school, but in general I tried to be really consistent with what kids can actually afford.”

Nonetheless, Maddy showcases various types of “baddie” looks. Her fashionable essence reminds me of someone who would consider themselves as an “influencer,” as her looks are uniquely put together and modish. The color palette and styling of her looks are also very expressive, as there’s usually not one look of Maddy’s similar to another. Maddy’s immense amount of modern looks is a symbol of her character’s ability to showcase her confidence and what she feels like doing in the moment.


Cassie’s style in “Euphoria” is very versatile. I’ve noticed that she’s either more dressed up, or fulfills more of a relaxed, casual look. Several of her looks seem to go hand-in-hand with comfortability and style, it’s a balance of the two.

If anything I feel like her style is a lot more realistic to an actual teenager in high school, especially in comparison to Maddy. She’ll usually either incorporate outfits with jeans, or wear dresses/skirts that are fairly simple. If anything, I feel like most people who watch “Euphoria” would relate to Cassie the most style-wise, as she’s not usually over the top like Maddy, but it’s clear she puts effort into what she wears whether she’s more dressed up or is going casual.

One outfit highlight for me in season two was in episode three when Cassie tries multiple different looks to impress and get Nate’s attention, eventually ending up looking like a “country music star,” according to Maddy. Based on that episode I realized how experimental Cassie got with style, even copying Maddy’s outfit at one point, but nonetheless I think she connects more to relatability in terms of clothes.


Kat is definitely a character that went through the biggest transformation style-wise. The transformation of her fashion is one that is notable and interesting. Before her style change, I would consider Kat to have been someone that usually played it safe and didn’t really showcase her true personality into her style.

Kat eventually started incorporating things such as belted/lace-vests, vibrant colors, and latex pieces that contributed to her new, edgy look. Some of the items Kat wore gave an interesting “BDSM-inspired” vibe, which is something I haven’t seen very often. I think that the boldness of her looks were the result of her sudden boost of confidence and self-esteem. However, it seems as if in the latest episodes Kat has aimed more toward a casual approach to her style, another slight transformation. Ultimately, it appears that Kat’s confidence (or even lack of) determines what she wears.


I would consider Jules’ fashion to be very distinctive and interesting. Jules often incorporates patterns, multiple colors, and an aesthetic that is tied specifically to herself that I haven’t seen executed with anyone else. Season one Jules dressed more playful and fun, and definitely stuck to the ornamental style of bright colors.

Since season two began, Jules has had a new hairstyle and her clothing style has changed to embrace more neutral tones, slightly resembling Rue’s more chill and laid back vibe. However, there’s usually small details, such as accessories and designs, that still makes Jules have a truly unique sense of style.

Even though her season one looks are different from how she now dresses in season two, I think it’s safe to say that Jules can pull off any piece.


All in all, “Euphoria” goes above and beyond in presenting so many different looks for each character. Bivens’ styling choices attributes to the visually appealing series and helps to distinguish the vibes of each character, as Bivens’ wardrobe choices reflect the characters’ personalities. The style transformation of multiple characters helps to further their character development in a way that is visually striking for viewers. Bivens is an extremely talented stylist, and I admire the amount of passion she has and how much effort she puts into individual looks. With season three of “Euphoria” recently having been announced, I can’t wait to see how the styling of the show moves forward. If anything, I would like to see more notable looks from some of the male characters in the show as I feel like the female characters are taking the lead with them so far. However, I’m still looking forward to whatever looks Bivens is cooking up for the next season.


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