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Exploring friendship and sexuality in “Never Have I Ever” season three

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Grace Copperthite

***This article contains spoilers!***

The Netflix hit “Never Have I Ever” is notorious for exploring the trials and tribulations of being in high school – especially when it comes to relationships.

Throughout each season of “Never Have I Ever,” viewers witness friends Devi, Eleanor and Fabiola come into their own as they navigate high school. This season, Eleanor and Fabiola became more in touch with their sexualities.

Never Have I Ever. (L to R) Ramona Young as Eleanor Wong, Megan Suri as Aneesa, Lee Rodriguez as Fabiola Torres in episode 308 of Never Have I Ever. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2022

Lee Rodriguez, the actress who plays Fabiola, reinforces that her character embraces her sexuality in season three, showing the audience that there’s no specific way to be queer.

“In season two you saw Fabiola kind of struggling with her identity and struggling as to where she fits in,” Rodriguez said. “And essentially, she was like, you know, I can be gay and I can also love robotics, I don’t have to fit into pop culture. And in season three, I feel like she’s more comfortable with who she is and it’s more so about the different relationships she’s in and exploring them and whatnot.”

In season three, Fabiola, Eleanor and Devi start to take charge and stand up for themselves more. Devi learns how to stand up for herself amidst rumors about her relationship with Paxton made by the Hot Pocket, Fabiola helps Ben check his ego during a drinking game, and Eleanor learns how to better communicate with her boyfriend Trent. The audience can truly see the girls growing together through their experiences.

Never Have I Ever. (L to R) Lee Rodriguez as Fabiola Torres, Ramona Young as Eleanor Wong in episode 302 of Never Have I Ever. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

“I feel like the characters are growing up and maturing, and it’s more interesting to see how they now cope with conflict. Like, okay, now you have your mindset together and you’re in a healthier place so now how are you going to overcome your issues?” Ramona Young, the actress who plays Eleanor, explains.

This season, viewers watch Devi treasure moments with her mother and end up choosing to complete her senior year at Sherman Oaks rather than transfer to Shrublands. Devi’s personal growth, and sometimes bad decisions made throughout past seasons, have certainly shaped her friendship with Fabiola and Eleanor.

“I feel like Fabiola and Eleanor are always there to tell her if she’s doing something wrong, which is really good friends to have,” Rodriguez said. “Not just somebody who just agrees with you or doesn’t just call you out, and so I feel like they all grow together and they all make mistakes along the way.”

Never Have I Ever. (L to R) Lee Rodriguez as Fabiola Torres, Ramona Young as Eleanor Wong, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi in episode 309 of Never Have I Ever. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

The friends have also been eager to lose their virginities in previous seasons, which finally happens for Fabiola and Eleanor. Both girls had an incredibly positive first time, which Young and Rodriguez explain is due to the special relationships their characters have built with their significant others.

“There’s something really special about Addison and Fab’s relationship and there’s also something really special and unique about Eleanor and Trent that I think might have influenced their first time to make it really special,” Young said.

“Yeah, it really is about who your first time is with,” Rodriguez agreed.

With season four being the final season of “Never Have I Ever,” the actresses said that they hope to conclude the series in a way that satisfies themselves and the audience. For the upcoming season, they wish nothing but the best personal and sex life for Devi and their own characters.

“For Devi, I want her to heal from the loss of her father… I want her to be able to know how to cope and heal and also for her to be able to achieve whatever she wants in the future because she’s smart and capable,” Young said. “I want her to have the best sex life ever. All of them.”

Be sure to tune into the new season of “Never Have I Ever” on Netflix to keep up with Eleanor and Fabiola.


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