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Expressing oneself through nail designs

Nails are often a way to express oneself, whether it’s a simple color, French manicure or wild design.

Sally Hansen has their Salon Effects nail polish strips on the market and are expanding the colors and designs of the product. Nail polish strips are a great way to save time and effort because there is no dry time.

The Chic Daily,, Nail trends, Fashion Journalist Club

PACSUN is joining in on the nail movement as well. With Black Poppy nail polish strips, you can decorate your nails with neon, leopard print or stars. For $6.50 you receive 12 strips, but right now PACSUN is offering a buy one pack and get 50% off on the second deal.

The Chic Daily,, Nail trends, Fashion Journalist Club

For those who list long-lasting and durable as things they want from a manicure a gel nail manicure is the way to go. Gel nails typically last four to five weeks. However, if you are a nail biter or your nails grow quickly, they may last for two to three weeks.

The Chic Daily,, Nail trends, Fashion Journalist Club

The typical gel manicure takes 30-45 minutes to apply and involves UV lights. There are also various kits surfacing that make it possible to do this at home as well. Though, if you are like me and wouldn’t want to risk messing it up, the number of salons offering gel as an option is growing.

Refills cost about half as much as the original product, but if you look at the costs spread out over a span, the overall cost would be less than getting a manicure regularly.

So whether you opt for some nail polish strips or splurge on a gel manicure, either way you will be making a polished statement!

Kyra Wennersten

Photo Credits: PACSUN // Sally Hansen // InStyle


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