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Fab 15 Workout

Staying healthy and active in college can be difficult, especially during a hectic school week when there is barely time to sleep. But no matter how busy you are, everyone can find 15 minutes to get a quick sweat on.  Start your day off with this short workout you can do in your dorm room, and you will surely be more energized for the rest of the day!

This workout is made up of three rounds of five moves. All you need is a timer and a chair. Do each move for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest in between

1. High Knees – Run in place with your arms up, bringing your knees up in line with your hips.

2. Elevated Plank Swivels – Start in plank then bring your knee to your opposite elbow. Alternate legs, keeping your core engaged.


3. Step-ups – Step on to the chair and then back down.

4. Squats – Start standing with your back to the chair and squat down just above the chair. Keep your chest up and eyes forward

5. Dips – Start in reverse plank keeping your body in line. Bend your elbows, and then return to your starting position.


(Repeat two more times!)

By: Anna Werner

Photos By: Madison Rowbotham


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