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Fabio Capri’s Journey to Modeling

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Anna "Monty" Montoya-Gaxiola

Diversity and sustainability played a huge role in this year’s Tempe Fashion Week (TFW). Fabio Capri truly showcased both things on the runway and in his lifestyle. He explained that fashion does not have a face; anyone who truly puts their mind to what they want can succeed.

Capri, who is only 18 years old, modeled for two designers at TFW. His first appearance on the runway was in an outfit by Laboratory where he wore a white, streetwear-like outfit in beige and brown bandana-patched bottoms, and a brown bandana tie. Capri then modeled for Sacred Hearts. He strutted the runway in black leather shoes, a pink and blue zip up, black and grey leather jeans, all topped off with a blue/grey balaclava mask with white spirals.

Photo by David Ulloa Jr.

Photo by David Ulloa Jr.

Before being in the modeling industry, Capri worked at a part time job, then tried starting a business. Although these career paths did not succeed the way he hoped, this didn’t stop him from reaching his full potential. He learned that failure was not the end of the road, instead it was the start to a new beginning. Once he found his niche in the fashion industry, Capri learned that everything eventually works itself out.

Despite only being a model for less than two years, one can truly see the passion and life that Capri puts onto the runway. His motivation to be at the very top is hard to miss as he mentioned his long term goal to use his platform as a way of motivating others and proving that you can truly succeed in anything you put your mind to. He explained how the fashion industry showed him the potential he held within himself. He also emphasized the influence of his family, especially that of his father. At a young age, he began to understand the concept of what it means to work hard. Capri said that although some things were never perfect, there was never a time that he felt like he was missing anything.

Through ups and downs, Capri explained the true dedication it took and will continue to take to accomplish his goals. To reach this point in his life, Capri sought out advice and criticism from those around him. “I’ll be a student forever,” Capri said, knowing there is always so much more to learn within the industry and life, whether that be through a mentor or his hardworking family.

Aside from modeling, Capri created his own small business, Capri Closet LLC, where he sells some of his own clothing along with other thrifted/vintage pieces to create a more sustainable brand, which ensures that every piece of clothing has a chance of being reused. This is a true reflection of the versatile options in clothing that is what makes fashion. A piece of advice from Capri is for confidence to always be the coat you wear on top of everything. In the end, it’s not what you wear but instead how you wear it. This is the beauty of the evolution that is fashion, understanding that you hold the power of your looks.

As Capri put it, “Fashion is what you make of it; fashion is creativity, and fashion is art.”


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Photos from Fabio Capri’s Instagram and Chic Daily Photographer, David Ulloa Jr.

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