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Fall 2012 Favorites

New York, Milan and Paris Fashion Week have all come to an end and although it is just beginning to heat up in the Valley of the Sun, fall fashion is on my brain.

All of the Fashion Weeks offered something a little different, but the one collection that stood out in my mind and that I cannot seem to stop thinking about,  would be the fall 2012 collection from Mr. Oscar de la Renta.

The fashion house of Oscar de la Renta prides themselves on reaching a whole new and younger audience with their social media presence on Tumblr and Twitter, all thanks to Erika Bearman or more commonly referred to as the Oscar PR Girl. This show even had a hashtag, #THEBOARD, encouraging people to tweet inspirations for Oscar’s latest collection. With Oscar reaching a younger generation and becoming more involved with social media the brand is clearly headed in a more youthful direction and that was obvious with this collection.

Everything from the pastel colors, to the dewey makeup to the mixed media was full of life.

While pastels are not usually something you would expect to see for a fall collection, Oscar told critics that today’s women don’t dress for seasons. (Which must be true because almost every single fall 2012 collection in New York, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week had bright colors or pastels incorporated into the collections).

Another thing that I loved about the collection were all of the little details and adornments on the garments themselves, giving the pieces their own uniqueness. And, not to mention it made the collection stand out. A lot of designers took a more minimalistic approach this season, but not Oscar!

The collection was youthful, fun, full of life, and on top of it all, extremely elegant.

There is no doubt that this collection is just breathtakingly beautiful. I could look at it all day long and therefore give it the honor of declaring it my favorite fall 2012 collection.

Haley Buntrock

Photo credits: Vogue.Com


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