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Fall Event Fashion

As the temperature drops from eighty degrees to fifty degrees and your shoe of choice goes from a strappy sandal to a mid-length boot, your wardrobe transitions from one season to the next.

In the coming weeks, your whiteboard calendar will flood with various events that call for the best of your fall ensembles.

Football Game

One of the most favored fall functions consists of fried food and a multitude of screaming fans. Although helmets may clash, your outfit doesn’t have to.

For the first fall event, a Sunday night football game is complete with a laid-back look.


A neutral colored sweater paired with an oversized flannel (with a hint of Cardinal red), jeans and converse achieves that laid-back style perfect for an Arizona Cardinals victory.

A sheer white top, black jeans and a floral scarf create a simple look, not forcing you to forfeit your sense of style at the sound of the referee’s whistle.


White fluorescent lights wrap around the bare branches where leaves once were at the Phoenix Zoo. The crisp air and traditional holiday tunes make for the ultimate excuse to debut your trendy winter coat and patterned infinity scarf.


A striped dress, leggings, gray pea coat, patterned scarf and brown boots create an outfit that is ideal for a night full of glistening Christmas lights.


A tribal print drop dress, tights, solid colored scarf, black pea coat and boots are also perfect for the zoo, while still being stylish for fall.

Ice Skating

One of the most iconic holiday affairs is ice-skating with the skyscrapers towering overhead and city lights illuminating the night sky.

A cute beanie, darker colored flannel, an evergreen-colored pea coat, jeans and studded combat boots create an outfit ideal for a chilly night on the ice.


Floral leggings, a baby-doll pea coat, black boots and a dark colored beret work together to build that perfect ice princess look.


Football games, ZooLights, and ice-skating rinks are just a few events that may be scribbled across your whiteboard calendar but a knitted beanie, neutral colored sweater, scarf and boots will equip you for the perfect outfit for any fall event.

By: Danielle Quijada & Shelby Hyde


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