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Fall Trends in Arizona Heat

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Erin Brassey

Whether they are gracing the pages of fashion magazines, strutting down runways or just catching your eye on the street, there is no doubt that fall fashion trends are taking over. Unfortunately, when you are living in a state where it still feels like swimsuit season, it can be hard to imagine trying to follow along with these trends. Lucky for us, some of them are heat-friendly this year. Either way, check out these six trends and explore some tips on how to incorporate them into your wardrobe this season.


1. The White Tank Top

One of the hottest trends taking over this fall has been the reemergence of the white tank top. Vogue said even big name fashion companies like Prada and Bottega Veneta are trying out the white tank top this fall. Being a closet staple, chances are you already have one floating around in the depths of your closet. Well, it’s time to pull it out.

The white tank top works in any weather, but is especially great for the Arizona heat. Its light color reflects sunlight and won’t hold the warmth. The white tank top is so versatile that you can throw it on with just about anything and enjoy the rest of your day no matter the weather. Jeans? Yes. Leggings? Absolutely. Skirt? You know it! The possibilities are endless.

2. Statement Coats

Trench coats, bomber jackets and oversized blazers galore. A good statement coat comes in many forms (Refinery29 shared some of the trendiest) but wearing any of them in 90-degree weather always feels pointless, not to mention sweaty.

But if you are wanting to jump on this trend, the weather should not stop you. Start by making sure you are wearing light layers. Wear fabrics underneath that are breathable and known for keeping you cool in the never-ending heat such as cotton, polyester, linen and silk. Take this a step further and wear items that are cut to allow your skin to breathe such as tank tops (what a great use for your white tank top) and short sleeve shirts. Even a crop top could be styled to keep you cool and let your statement coat stand out as it should.

3. Leather from Head-to-Toe

Now let’s talk about a fabric that can be terrible in the heat. It will never be on any list of the best fabrics for the heat, but don’t discount this trend just yet. The great thing about the head-to-toe leather trend is that head-to-toe is being taken literally with the trend supporting any leather piece you can style.

On a really hot sunny day, try out a pair of leather shorts. When the sun takes a day off, pull out that leather jacket and wear it over a lightweight top. But keep in mind that even though the trend is called head-to-toe leather, and the late and great Olivia Newton-John showed us how good that can look, you will run into problems if you try to take it on before the heat really calms down.

4. A Sheer Look

Normally, summer is the time to show off and fall is the time to cover up. But this year the rules are being bent, and we are living for it. Our hot Arizona sun makes for adding a sheer piece to your look just perfect.

Sheer tops can add a cool edge to any look and would be perfect to wear under your statement coat if you feel like mixing trends. If you really want to make a statement, try out a pair of sheer pants or maybe even a dress. As far as the weather goes, there is nothing stopping you from making this trend a new signature look for your fall wardrobe.

5. Knit Sweaters

Because we’ve discussed one of the easiest trends to deal with in the heat, let’s move on to one of the hardest. Sweaters can be so great. Cozy, warm and just like soft security blankets, but that sun tries to kill the love affair between people and their sweaters. Don’t let that happen to you this season.

If you are going for a traditional knit sweater look, the main thing to remember is hot on top, cool on the bottom. Pair your knit sweater with a cute pair of shorts. Jean shorts and biker shorts make great pairings with a sweater. And then there is the more untraditional route where you can explore short sleeve or tank top knit sweaters. All the style and half the heat.

6. Hot Pink All Around

Last but not least is the color of the season: hot pink. There really is no easier way to embrace a fall trend than to try out a new color, because you can take it in any direction. Go small and wear some hot pink jewelry, or go bold and strut down the street in a hot pink pantsuit as if you were on the runway. Marie Claire is talking about this trend and showing off hot pink clothes, hot pink shoes and hot pink accessories too. Explore all the ways you could add hot pink to your look, and don’t let the weather stop you. The brightness means the sun’s rays are bound to bounce right off you and just make you stand out.


With these tips you can look hot in these Fall trends without worrying about the threat of heat exhaustion or the embarrassment of sweat stains. So now it’s time to go forth and try them all until you find the trends that show off your personal style best.


What do you think of fall fashion trends that beat the Arizona heat? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter or leave a comment!

All images from Pinterest


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