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Fandom Fashion

By Angelica Cabral

What you like—as in the movies and shows you watch, the bands you listen to and the books you read—plays a big role in your life and in forming what kind of person you are. If you start to like something enough, people may even begin to associate it with you.

Sometimes people who like something get together on websites like Tumblr and form something what’s known as a fandom.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.07.45 AM

Courtesy of Urban Dictionary

This basically means they’re all fans of one specific thing. Then all those people can share in the art, fanfiction and theories that revolve around that thing.

Personally, I’m a fan of a lot of different things: Star Trek, Harry Potter and Archie Comics, to name a few. I love to buy jewelry and clothing that reference things that I’m a fan of, and it’s often a great conversation starter! Etsy is a great place to find unique merchandise, but you can also get creative with what you already have in your closet to embody your favorite character.

A great website/app for this is Polyvore because it allows you to make a collage for an outfit and set the price range when you’re looking for specific pieces of clothing. It also has details for each piece, so you can even buy it if you want to!


Image obtained from Insidious Pigeon

The first one I made is a reimagining of Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender, a TV show about people who could control different elements that was on Nickelodeon for three years.

The show is set in a time before technology, so they dressed quite different than we do now. I based my outfit more so on Katara’s overall aesthetic so I could translate that to modern styles.

dean winchester

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. Image obtained from SPN Clothing Styles

The second one is based off of Dean Winchester from Supernatural, but with a stereotypically feminine twist.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.28.56 AM

I tried to embody the simplistic nature of the way he dresses while adding a vampy details with red lipstick and the devil earrings and necklace set (the design is a heart with pointed ears and a matching tail). I also found a bracelet that features the same anti-possession symbol that matches Dean’s tattoo.


Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton. Image obtained from Qnary.

For my last one, I went for a presidential look to celebrate the increasingly popular musical, Hamilton.

I included a blue trench coat both because it is an American color and a trench coat like this screams “revolution” and “espionage” to me. The white shirt is classic and also gives an air of political sophistication. I also included a House of Cards cell phone case because—let’s be honest—if Alexander Hamilton was alive right now, he would totally be a fan of that show.


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