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Fashion and Technology: do they really mix? We think so.

Texting. Tweeting. Snapchatting. It is a given that college students are always on their phones.

Growing up in the age of smartphones has made us that way by nature, but are teens so absorbed

by the technology around them that they are neglecting fashion?

A recent study in the New York Times has shown that teenagers would rather spend money on

their phones than on clothes. Some older generations would probably think this is shocking, but

honestly, I am not surprised. Phones are apart of everyday life, especially now. Smartphones

from different companies are being released on the daily. So, it is understandable that teens want

to spend their money on staying connected.

Personally, I would feel lost without my cell phone. I want to be connected at all times and I

am sure many others my age would feel the exact same way. Smartphones are how we stay

connected. With all the social media and communication tools at our fingertips, teens would

be lost without their phones. Spending money on smartphones is so common nowadays that it

is understandable that teens are spending less on a new pair of Sperry’s, and more on the new

iPhone 6 Plus.

It is not only the phone itself that teens are spending money on- chargers, cases, and many other

phone accessories. Most of these items aren’t Plain Jane technology wires and protective casing


Michael Kors, Chanel, and hundreds of other designers have come out with cases for

smartphones. Not to mention the many different decorative chords for charging and patterned

portable chargers as well.

Could it be possible that our cellphones are our new favorite accessory? Absolutely.

There are many ways to dress up smartphones and not only its appearance, but the content as

well. The App Store has many different fashion apps to offer. Now while teens are connected on

their phones, they can be connected to fashion as well.

Yves St. Laurent and Chanel are among the designers creating unique phone accessories.

Yves St. Laurent and Chanel are among the designers creating unique phone accessories.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

My Top 5 Fashion Apps:

Gilt- With Gilt you can shop for your favorite designer at a lowered price. You can not only shop

for clothes, but jewelry and handbags as well.

Polyvore- This app can help you pick out any type of outfit that you can imagine. You can create

something to save for another day, show your friends your style with the outfits you put together,

or pick out outfit options for an upcoming event.

Pose- Whenever I check the weather app, I know the number one thing I have in mind is what I

am going to wear based on the forecast. This app helps you do just that. Pose checks the weather

near you and suggests outfits that will go best with the weather that day.

Jack Threads – This is for all the guys interested in online shopping. This app has style for any

guy to choose from. It offers shoes, accessories, and tons of cool clothes at clearance prices.

Wanelo- This classic shopping app has anything and everything to offer. Wanelo has clothes,

accessories, and products from thousands of stores. Users can create their own profile and shop

for anything they want (including tons of cute accessories for phones).

Thinking about the money that teens spend on their phone doesn’t seem so bad in the long run.

The phones they have are keeping them connected to the world and the people around them.

Who knows? It may even be bringing them closer to fashion with everything that phones have to

offer these days.

By Taylor Fischetto


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