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Fashion For People Who Don’t Care

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By: Gabrielle Zabat

From the length of a dress to the color of the heels, or the durability of fabric — this is fashion. It could even be the detail of a single thread that makes a t-shirt, and thus, one’s sense of style.

I could go on about the impact of each sequin stitch on my senior year prom dress, but I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t care to listen. With grades, bills, and careers constantly buzzing through a college student’s head, the last thing most of us are thinking about is how to dress.

Even though I take pride in the process of creating my outfits each morning, there have been times I haven’t cared about the way I dress.

So, here are some of the best outfits for you for those college students who can go one day to a whole year without caring about fashion. 

Key to Comfort:

There is no better feeling than lounging on my couch eating deep-fried quesadillas while watching “The Office.” I could rest my feet above my coffee table for hours, but I know I’ll eventually have to get up and start adulting.

Whether I’m heading to a three-hour lecture or a 15 minute CVS run, I want to feel as relaxed as when I’m at home.

Since I don’t exactly want to leave my apartment with just a pair of spandex and no bra, the best option is to throw on sweats. My go-to lazy outfit is Adidas sweatpants and black crop top paired with black chained slides.

Whenever I suddenly decide to crash at my friend’s place, this outfit is super convenient to slip on. The oversized pockets carry my keys and Henri Bendel wallet, and the padding of my top replaces my typical, itchy strapless bra.

The slides are best for when I have no energy to shove my feet into sneakers. To finish my outfit, I usually drape a silver chain around my waist to match my slides and make me feel like a wannabe e-girl.

Basics on a Budget:

Following hypebeast trends requires spending hundreds of dollars on simply designed apparel. While a red rectangle seems like an everyday design, bold white letters spelling “Supreme” in the center makes it iconic. My $7 bank account cannot get me a Gucci belt, so I go thrifting instead. 

My favorite jacket came from Goodwill in Glenview, Illinois. Although I didn’t expect to find anything out of the ordinary, the details of the $4 jacket made it one-of-a-kind — cropped, vintage “MGR: It’s Our Universe” designed with wide oversized sleeves and elbow pads. Two zipper pockets stitched near the collarbone with the signature logo printed on the back. 

If you don’t have the energy to rummage through piles of used clothing, the mall is another option. While stores like Urban Outfitters sell basic white tees for $50, their sale section has cheaper alternatives. This black crop top cost $5 and fits perfectly under my jacket.

The wool straps give the shirt a delicate feel and the red stripe adds a pop of color to the look. To top it off, I put on a basic pair of blue distressed jeans that can be found at any store.

Too Late to Try:

Taking a 7:30 a.m class was probably my biggest regret so far in college. While I tried looking put together every morning with a full face of makeup and stylish outfit, all I really wanted to do was sleep. When I ended up sleeping past my alarm and had to jump out of bed with ten minutes until class, I thought “what do I wear?”

That morning I decided on an oversized t-shirt. My 3XL NYU grey t-shirt is a basic necessity whenever I’m in a rush. The top is breathable in hot weather and falls right above my knees like a dress.

To prevent looking like I just rolled out of bed, even though I did, my black knee-high boots make this look a little edgier. The white Anti Social Social Club hat masks my bedhead and will cover my eyes for when I’ll fall asleep in class.

If you don’t have a hat to match, a high ponytail is the best way to show off a fresh face. This Ariana Grande inspired look gives me the confidence to strut to class with heels clicking on the sidewalk. 

By implementing any of these easy styles tips, you are sure to look fashionable and effortless.


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