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Fashion-NFL Monday Night Football

When you think about NFL football players, your initial impression of them are tough, rugged men who have to shop at the Big and Tall store all the time. Something I feel is overlooked is that NFL players are some of the most well dressed men. The same swagger and style that the players express on the field, they also express it in how they clothe and accessorize. Here are some football players who are trendsetters with their play on the field and how they dress off the field.

  Victor Cruz


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Victor Cruz is a very popular player in the NFL. He is one of the leagues top receivers, and has helped his team, the New York Giants, to a Super Bowl win in 2011. He is also famous for celebrating his touchdowns by performing the salsa in the end zone. Just how the salsa is a vibrant and fun dance, he shows those qualities in what he wears off the field. In a 2013 interview with Michael Hainey of GQ Magazine, Cruz expressed his views on fashion saying, “When I pick clothes out or when I wear my clothes, I want to express myself through my clothes. I can’t be a monotonous athlete who wears the same thing, I don’t want to follow the trend, I want create my own trend.”

Cam Newton


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When you think about game changers in the NFL, one player that comes to mind is Cam Newton. In his rookie season for the Carolina Panthers in 2011, Cam Newton broke records such as most rushing touchdowns for quarterback, most passing yards in a game for a rookie and more. This season he continues to show he is a prolific quarterback, and continues to show off his sense of fashion week after week. Before the Panthers play, look at what he is wearing entering the locker room, and after the game during the press conference you will see that he is the best dressed on the team.

Eric Decker


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Last season Eric Decker was part of what some say was the best offense during the 2013-2014 season with the Denver Broncos. He has been recently traded to the New York Jets so it will be interesting to see how he will play on a different team. But these past few seasons Eric has made a statement as a good player to have on your team, and also has made a good impression in men’s fashion.

Article by Renard Roberts


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