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Fashionista style New Year’s resolutions

It’s that time of the year again. Time to start fresh as the new year begins to unfold.

As we embark on these next 12 months with fresh minds and open arms, it is important that our goals last longer than boot season in Arizona. So why not start with our closets? Enough of saying what we wish for in our wardrobes and instead, ditch the empty promises and ACT, ACT, ACT! 

The Chic Daily,, Fashion Journalist Club, New Year's Resolutions

The first resolution is to commit to an ensemble. You can’t appear fearless if you’re too scared to try something new.

As the past fall season of 2012 was adorned in taupe, beige and other various neutrals on the color palette, this drives a new-found obligation to incorporating color. 

Color is a powerful psychological tool: green promotes growth, blue produces chemicals that are calming and red consistently draws attention. The year 2012 should be all about new doors opening, and your closet door should be no exception.

Next is the motto ‘less is more’. So often we fall into superficial trends and empty our wallets for pieces that work only for a short period of time. Class is associated with timelessness and with that, the accessories and pieces we decide to purchase in this approaching year should be regarded as ones that have no expiration date. 

Katie Smith, 18, a freshman at Arizona State said, “I want to get versatile pieces that can be worn multiple ways to save money and enhance my wardrobe.

Invest in your wardrobe in order to achieve a stronger understanding of the concept of infinite duration in fashion. Instead of purchasing four pairs of extremely uncomfortable pumps to only have them end up as accessories for your closet shelf, decide upon a pair of luxury ballet flats that will never fail you in comfort or in class.

Finally, time for the most important and vital resolution: have no fear! Whether it be finally perfecting the perfect sock bun, even if having your hair long and down is your security blanket, or rock that edgy red lipstick that really adds some spunk to your ensembles.

The Chic Daily,, Fashion Journalist Club, FJC, New Year's Resolutions

This is always such an empowering time of year and it’s our duty to walk the runway of change. Some of us might even find ourselves blowing a kiss at the end of it. 

That’s the most refreshing part about new year’s resolutions; that we decide upon to what extent we carry ours through to. Seize the ‘new me’ mantra with one tight grip and your red lipstick in the other.

Avery Robrock


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