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Fast fashion fixes for the girl always on the go

You’re on your way out and feeling confident as ever. Your outfit has been picked out since the beginning of the week and your hair was absolutely loving you. SNAP! Your heel breaks.

Something as detrimentally imposing as a broken heel should not cause you to stand crooked all night. These quick fashion fixes will solve all your problems and set your ensemble strait!

Two words: shoe goo. Apply a bit of this adhesive to the sole of your shoes where the heel connects to it and hold in place for about 60 seconds. Now there is a sure fire way to “pump” up your night!

Carrie Adams, a freshman at Arizona State University, said, “My biggest fashion pet peeve is when I have to go somewhere after a long day and I don’t have all of my make-up and need just a quick pick-me-up such as something to really brighten up my face.”

This slight annoyance should not stop you from achieving the brightly glowing complexion you deserve. Without having to cart your extensive make-up regimen around, stick to the rule of thumb “less is more” by instead using a portable facial moisturizer.

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Jergen’s Natural Glow moisturizer is an ideal solution to produce an even skin tone. It doesn’t leave streaks and instead gives you a healthy, natural-looking glow. With it’s success in evening out skin irregularities, a tinted moisturizer is a must!

Amanda Boris, a junior at Arizona State University, said, “I seem to always scuff my heels or wedges the day after buying them, and unless it’s black [sic] you can’t pull out the permanent marker on them, then I never know what to do.”

A girl hasn’t done her job if she comes home with clean shoes. The inevitable scuff has become synonymous with having a good time, so therefore we shall no longer have to play it safe with the quick fashion fix.

Rub each of the scuff marks gently with your hand to remove them; the oils in your skin will help the mark disappear. Dip a sof polishing cloth into shoe wax and apply the wax in small circles over the scuffs and then let them dry for about 15 minutes. Once dry, use that same cleaning cloth to buff the show until it’s even once again. Voila! Don’t be surprised if your friends mistake them for brand new.

The Chic Daily., Fashion Journalist Club, Fashion Fixes

A common make-up mishap is the moment when both your heart and compact powder breaks. All hope seems lost as you’re bending over to rescue the remainder of powder from your compact, but once again there is yet another solution for this foundation flop.

Add a few small drops of an alcohol based solution to your broken powder. Once the powder becomes soft again, reform it by smoothing it out with your finger and then let it dry overnight for the best results!

For stubborn make-up stains, you can use a mild detergent such as a shampoo or liquid dish soap. Apply it in a circular motion onto the stain with a dish cloth. If this doesn’t work immediately, baking soda is your new best friend, helping to not only remove bad odors but to also help in the removal of oil-based make-up stains. Use an old damp toothbrush to apply it in circular motions.

With these quick and easy fashion fixes, you will no longer have to settle for anything less than perfect, or at least tricking people into thinking it is. From grime to glam, broken to brand new, or lifeless to lustrous, these tricks are foolproof! With these in mind you’ll be sure to stand tall . . . because “broken heel” is just no longer in your vocabulary.

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