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Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Review

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Grace Copperthite

Fenty Beauty is known for its long-lasting, inclusive products that are designed for putting your best face forward.

The newest launch called Eaze Drop blew up on Tik Tok for its pore-blurring and easily applied skin tint.

The product retails for $29.50, which is a slightly more expensive option for a skin tint. In true Fenty fashion, the shade range was incredibly versatile; the brand offers 25 shades that include a range of light, light-medium, medium, medium-deep, and deep to fit all skin tones. It also takes the undertones of the skin into accountability so one can choose their best match.

I knew I had to try it!

I tend to gravitate towards a natural makeup routine. I have dry skin so I love lightweight, hydrating makeup products. I also have acne-prone, scarred skin, so I wanted to find a product that would mask or slightly cover my blemishes.

Fenty Beauty advertised their skin tint as easy enough to apply with your fingers and gives the face a nice, color-corrected finish. The videos people posted to Instagram and Tik Tok were so promising.

I am sad to say that I was let down…

I wanted to love this product. I found that the way it worked on my skin is not the way it worked for others. The product is advertised as something you can blend with your fingers, however, I got better results when using a beauty blender. When I blended the product using my fingers, it kind of rolled off my skin, reacting poorly to my moisturizer. I use Versed Skin Soak Rick Moisture Cream, which is fairly heavy. Though the product is thick, I have not experienced rolling with my current foundation, CYO Lifeproof Foundation (which, unfortunately, was discontinued). It also settled into my scarring and dry spots, which accentuated them and made my skin look flaky.

This would be a great product for anyone with a normal skin type; those without overwhelming oil or dryness, and no pigmentation issues, blemishes, or scarring. People who rave about this product usually have slight pigmentation or discoloration issues, but they do not have trouble with excessive oil or dry spots. The videos posted to Fenty Beauty’s Instagram show women with very little skin problems using the product.

I also noticed that my color was orange-y and oxidized quickly. Often when products come out of the bottle, they oxidize and change color. I compared the color of the product on my hand to a video posted on Fenty Beauty’s Instagram of the same shade, and the colors looked completely different.

Feedback has also been quite negative from those with combination or oily skin. After watching a few wear-test Tik Toks, I have noticed people with oily skin note that this product tends to separate and give their skin a shiny, oily appearance after sitting on the skin for a while. Though the formula may glide on perfectly for them, and appear nice for a short period of time, it ultimately does not work well for those with oily skin either.

Another issue that some customers took with this product was that it does not contain SPF. Many popular skin tints contain SPF or other added elements such as hyaluronic acid to address skincare concerns. Fenty Beauty explained on Instagram that though their product does not contain SPF, they do sell a product that layers nicely under the Eaze Drop called Hydra Vizor, which is a light moisturizer that contains SPF 30. However, many people, like myself, already use an SPF in their skincare routine and would have liked to see an added layer of sun protection in the skin tint itself.

Though I personally had issues with the tint, I would like to note that the formula itself is lightweight and the coverage is buildable. I applied three layers, and the formula didn’t feel heavy or cakey on my skin. It looked natural in the places where I did not have dry patches or texture.

The product design itself is also super cute, the geometric shape of the bottle was surprisingly easy to hold and squeeze the product out of. The design elements were great, I just wish that the product itself had lived up to its hype.

Though this product is not going to cut it right now, I would like to see if there is a difference in the application when my skin is more clear and I have fewer dry patches.

I usually have clear skin during the summer (thanks to no school-related stress breakouts), so I am interested to see if my opinion will change on this product. For now, though, I’d say if you’re someone with dry skin like mine, this product might not be for you.


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