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Finding a Product to Love

When women aren’t satisfied with their natural beauty, they turn to products to help enhance their appearance. From lips to hair to skin, the range of goods runs the gamut. Choosing items at Sephora or Ulta can often be overwhelming.

I turned to fellow college girls to help solve the dilemma and find a solution to which products to purchase. It turns out, there is not one product that everyone is in love with. It seems every product is loved by someone. This doesn’t make choosing easier, but it does suggest a high chance of satisfaction.

The items below are popular among the girls asked, so they might be a good starting point on the search for the ideal product. A great product is necessary for every female to look and feel her best.

“I need them or else I’m bad. I can’t function,” sophomore Aidan Khalilova said.


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For lips, there was a general consensus that the Eos chap stick is amazing. Many girls gushed with their love for it, and it is easy to see why. The little ball contains an all-natural balm that soothes even the most sensitive lips.

For hair, girls had many different opinions. Khalilova uses Garnier Length and Strength. Freshman Angela Denogean loves Moroccan Argan Oil. Nicole Vasquez, another freshman, shifts between Pantene and Aveeno products. Each girl raved about her hair product.


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For body, the girls gave unique ideas as to which soaps and lotions to utilize. Benzer, freshman, adores Dove soap. Khalilova always uses Philosophy body wash, along with Bath and Body Works’s Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion.

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 The perfect skin product ranks at the top of most girls’ cosmetic must-haves. Benzer recommened Clearasil. Both Denogean and Vasquez love Neutrogena face wash. Denogean also recommends the green oil-free face wash and lotion.


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For makeup, all of the ladies had something to chime in. Khalilova loves Chanel products and also recommends Lancôme makeup. Vasquez obsesses over Victoria’s Secret Illuminator.


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These products may differ, but there is someone cheering each of them on. Though one may not be for you, the next might be a match made in heaven. Finding the perfect match doesn’t come without a little advice and a lot of experimenting .

By: Alexandria Land


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