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Finding The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

As the temperature begins to rise and it becomes time to hit the pool, you can often find yourself in a last-minute panic to score the perfect sunglasses to take to your next pool day. If you are in the midst of this very dilemma, don’t worry—spring is the ideal time to search for a pair of sunglasses for the upcoming season that will make you excited to step outside and into the heat.



One of the best things about this trend is that it can be taken in so many different directions. Whether you opt for round, wayfarer or Jackie O shaped shades, the oversized look can be perfect for shielding your face at an outdoor event or hiding the fact that you didn’t put on much makeup that day.



Aviators are the perfect option if you are looking for versatility. They can be found in so many varieties from mirrored to wire-rimmed or even brightly colored. This style can be worn out with a nice outfit or even when just going to the beach. They are the ultimate pair of sunglasses for any occasion.



If you are a fan of the wildly popular wayfarer style, take a break this season with a pair of clubmasters. Similar to wayfarers in their basic shape, clubmasters provide a fresher take on the trend.



Made popular by celebrities like Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift, heart-shaped sunglasses are a fun trend to at least give a try this season. If you will be attending any music festivals or spending a lot of time by the water, these are a good investment. Luckily, they are starting to pop up everywhere so it won’t be too difficult to score a pair of inexpensive heart-shaped shades for the upcoming spring and summer.



Bring out your daring side with some cat-eye sunglasses. They can be found in a wide variety of shapes so there is a cat eye style that will fit almost any face shape. While this style may take some getting used to, it can definitely spice up any look. Cat-eye sunglasses are a must this spring.

By Samantha Stull

Photos by Samantha Stull and Nina Barone


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