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Five Ways To Break Into The Fashion Industry

Creating and Establishing a Medium

verily-mag cover

Photo Courtesy of Verily Magazine

“Dressed for Success, How 3 Fashion Startups Are Revamping the Industry” By Tatiana Hayakawa at

This article tells the stories of 3 entrepreneurs, one in publication, one in jewelry and one in men’s clothing design, who followed their dreams and are establishing themselves in their fields.

The start-up publication is called Verily. It promotes a healthy body image for young women including a no-Photoshop policy on the photos within the magazine.

The jewelry designer offers custom designs and is focused on individualized attention for every customer from ring sizing to a cleaning how-to, based on the co-founder’s personal experiences.

The men’s shirt designer creates affordable clothes made from quality fabric through the owner’s connections with factories both in and out of the United States for direct customer satisfaction.

Fashion Photographers

An Le

Photo Courtesy of

One designer, Bottega Veneta, has just begun a photography competition. The competition is in its second year and helps aspiring fashion photographers get their work seen by influential people in the industry.

The competition is called “New Exposure” and is being co-sponsored by one of the most renowned magazines in the world, Vogue. The prize includes a year-long membership with Vogue’s Director of Photography Ivan Shaw and agency Art + Commerce, a New York Fashion Week gallery exhibition, $10,000, and the chance to shoot a Bottega Veneta Campaign.

The judges include Linda Evangelista, Pat McGrath, Craig McDean, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele and Bottega Creative Director Tomas Maier.

It’s worth a shot. With an established magazine supporting it and renowned fashion professionals involved, it could lead to a big break.

Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists

Crystal Wright's book- Make up and hair

Photo Courtesy of Gorgeous On The Go

For those who have spent countless hours in front of mirrors practicing and perfecting the daily makeup routine and inventing new ways to style hair, this book is your friend. Talent can only take you so far without meeting people and making connections in inner circles that live and breathe fashion week all year in all places around the world.

Crystal Wright’s Hair Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide, 5th Edition, looks into her experience in the field and provides tips from her 20+ years building her own agency in Los Angeles. It teaches how to build a strong portfolio, how to get hired by an agency, and the steps to take when you don’t get the big break you were hoping for. Insight and guidance will take you through the ups and downs of working in the fashion industry, as well as steps you can take right now to follow those dreams.



Photo Courtesy of Fashion Selected

The days of strutting an imaginary runway after buying new clothes isn’t quite yet behind most of us. But for some, modeling can be a reality. Models have a turbulent career, from their first runway show to staying in “model” shape, however, there are some helpful hints if wearing the latest designers in Paris or working with esteemed photographers is your dream. Here are some of former model Todd Anthony Tyler’s tips.

1. “The first tip is to give yourself time to grow. Being young is a good start, but being mature and ready to handle the business is more important.”

2. “Let your personality speak too! Even if you have mad skills and are extremely talented, agencies want to have a relationship with their models, as well as designers. Show your enthusiasm for their work or the industry as a whole when you are portraying a certain persona either in shoots or on the runway.”

3. “Do your research. Know when a bogus agency is trying to scam you into paying for a photo shoot. Being prepared and aware of the sharks that lurk in the waters will only benefit you in the long run. Understanding the shady parts of the industry will only make you more appreciative of the great aspects of it, such as working with established designers.”

4. “Keep trying even when rejection happens. Most of the successful models of the past 40 or 50 years have been rejected at one point before they met the right person who saw potential in them. Use it as motivation to make you a more confident model, improve what they think needs work, but not your look.”

To see the other helpful tips, visit Seventeen.

Assistant buyer

Photo Courtesy of Jane Norman Blog

Always looking for the best deals and wondering how to get the best quality product that won’t break the bank could mean an assistant buyer job in the future.

Building a relationship with designers and establishing a professional reputation with people in the industry could be a way to come into the world of fashion without having to go to beauty or design school.

In order to be successful in this position, having excellent communication skills is a must, and being outgoing helps in making connections.

Check out more tips here.

By: Alyssa Tufts


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