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FJC Welcome Brunch 2017: A Lookbook

By Alyssa Fuentes and Alexandra Cook

The Fashion Journalism Club at ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus is flourishing. A new group of members, each one repping a unique style, attended the 2017 Welcome Brunch on Saturday, Sept. 2. With food, music and a cute photo booth, new members were welcomed with open arms, and returning members outlined the goals for the year.


Quick, Cute, and Casual

The outfits featured here have been popular go-to’s throughout the summer. Whether you are going to brunch or driving around town with your friends, the pantsuit and t-shirt dress are two quick, easy styles that will guarantee compliments from anyone you encounter.

Rockin’ Rompers

Dress it up or dress it down, the romper is a versatile choice that will always keep you looking classy. You can rock this outfit with a wide variety of accessories, including heels, sandals, wedges and any kind of jewelry you want.

Show Off the Shoulder

Beat the heat with this classic cheat. Let your shoulders breathe and put your chic style on display. Off-the-shoulder dresses are totally in, especially in a place where the sun’s always out. Less is more when it comes to showing off in this summer style.

Long and Lovely

Make a statement with this classic style. Like a fine wine, it only gets better with time. Wearing a long dress or skirt can add a dramatic twist to your look, and accessorizing with the right pieces will complete it.

Sharpen the Edges

Black pants in this heat? Yes, please. Amp up the t-shirt and jeans look with a neutral color and some bold shoes. This one lasts all-year-round and will keep you looking sharp downtown.

This year, readers can expect a wide array of styles and stories, from revamping old fashion to seasonal lookbooks. With a growing focus on multimedia presentation, the FJC will transform the way fashion is viewed.

Let us know which look is your favorite by tagging us on Twitter and Instagram @TheChicDaily!


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