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Flash Tattoos: Transitioning through the seasons

It seemed like everyone was wearing flash tattoos this summer as a fun accessory at the beach or music festivals. Beyoncé was seen in vacation photos wearing these temporary tattoos all over her torso, arms, hands and legs. I know what you may be thinking: How am I supposed to wear these in the middle of November? And although bikini weather has come and gone, these can still be a fun and fashionable way to accessorize your fall outfits.


Photo Courtesy of Flash Tattoos

One of my favorite collections from Flash Tattoos is Sheebani, named after an orphan who inspired the start of The Miracle Foundation. With each purchase of this tattoo collection, 5% of the proceeds will go toward the foundation. Although the set may seem pricey at $25, it comes with four sheets full of designs that are henna-inspired and very versatile. Designs include elephants and mandalas in addition to an array of different designs that you can put on your ankles, wrists and even fingers. Imagine how you would stand out wearing these with your favorite fall outfit. Below you can see what the collection looks like and how one of the mandalas looks applied to the hand.


Photo Courtesy of Flash Tattoos


Photo Courtesy of Making It With Danielle

Since it is warmer in Arizona, you can even try putting a tattoo on your back with an open back sweater like the one shown below.


Photo Courtesy of ASOS

Applying a tattoo is fairly simple. After cutting out the tattoo and removing the clear sheet, place it face down on your skin and hold a wet cloth on it for about 30 seconds. Once you remove the paper, be sure to let the tattoo set before moving too much and get help from a friend for tricky spots like your back. The tattoos are waterproof and will last 4-6 days with proper care. They can easily be removed with an oil-based makeup remover and are completely safe for your skin.

I hope I helped you find a way to transition these unique accessories from just a summer fad to yearlong fashion trend!

For more information on Flash Tattoos and where to purchase, visit them at

Story By Taylor Bishop


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