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‘Focus’, Part 2 of Zoya’s fall polish collection

By  Jenzi Langley

Today I’m going over the second half of the Zoya Fall 2015 nail polish collection. The initial collection boasts 12 nail polish colors but is divvied up into two themes: Focus and Flair. While the Flair collection features shimmery colors ideal for a fun night out, the Focus collection consists of sexy, satin colors perfect for those cool workdays and autumn walks in the park. Just as a reminder, I do have pale skin, short nails and a lack of experience. So for those of you who are not nail polishing pros, this article is definitely relatable.


When I think of the fall season, turkey, harvesting and pumpkin-spice lattes immediately come to mind (yes, I like food. Don’t judge me – I know you do, too). Lidia’s color is exactly like a freshly-harvested eggplant. But not just any eggplant – a deeply mysterious and very enticing eggplant. Sporting a perfect consistency that’s easy to manage, this polish does require two coats to get that full coverage. The end result is a luxurious, high-gloss purple color that is gorgeously sleek and reflective even without a top coat. Yes, I’m not wearing a top coat in the picture! When OOB (outside of the bottle), the polish dries quickly and appears a little darker. As far as removal, this polish does not want to come off. I had difficulty removing it even with acetone remover. But if you’re looking for a saucy fall color or funky off-black shade, definitely give Lidia a try.



This polish is reminiscent of nature with its earthy-grey color and subtle green and brown tones. When I put it on, the polish was a little thick but still easy to manage. I have only one coat on (and again, no top coat), in the picture. This stuff dries incredibly fast! Within ten minutes of application, I was able to reach into my purse and grab out my ChapStick. Charli is much greener OOB, but it is just as glossy and reflective as Lidia. Yet unlike Lidia, I found Charli to be easy to take off without acetone-remover. My general consensus of Charli is a muted camouflage-green; it has elements of old boulders and artic moss. Charli is a very cool, terrestrial polish.



An inspiring, brilliant denim color, Sia was by far the most stubborn color to work with. My polishing skills had to be spot-on in order to prevent streaking from occurring. Two to three coats and a top coat are required to get this polish just right. But my, oh my – what a beautiful polish it is! As the days get colder and we start slipping on our blue jeans, Sia will be a fabulous compliment to your favorite pair of denim. The color wears well and just has a cool, comfy feeling to it. Including this polish in the Fall collection was a very appropriate move on Zoya’s part. My only other regret about this polish is that it did not want to come off. But I’ll be honest – I really didn’t want to take it off either!



Nail biters beware! With this polish on my nails, I instantly see little Hershey kisses. I have to keep reminding myself that the painted-on confections are not as yummy as they appear. Desiree is very similar a warm cup of hot cocoa – thin and liquid-like. Two or three coats are required to get that scrumptious look OOB. Touch-ups are fairly easy as the polish does not stain. The dry time is average and streaking is minimal. As with most of the colors in the Focus collection, Desiree boasts high-gloss and has reflective capabilities. I almost couldn’t bear to take off this color, but when I did, the polish came off well. A perfect color for the colder months, I can see myself snuggled up in a blanket sipping hot cocoa with the delightful Desiree painted on my nails. Darn it – now I’m hungry again!



Without a doubt, Janel is liquefied red patent leather. I don’t know how they did it, but somebody melted down my favorite pair of patent leather pumps and poured it into this bottle. After getting over my shock of the brilliance of this color, I did notice that the polish tends to stain incredibly easily. Two to three coats provide that perfect pop of color that is seen in the bottle. Having pale skin means I have to really watch what colors I put on my nails, especially when it comes to reds. Janel is a glossy color that is super sexy for a date but still classy enough to wear to work the next morning. Keep in mind that this polish takes forever to dry and is hard to touch-up because it stains. Give yourself ample time to apply, and have a bottle of acetone remover on hand to correct any mistakes immediately.



Straight out of a Taylor Swift music video, this polish embodies the classic sexy red. Even though the polish looks brighter in the bottle, it wears more muted and therefore looks fabulous with pale skin. A slightly brighter color than Janel, Hannah has an orange base and is not as glossy. You could get away with wearing one coat, but two coats really produces that ruby sheen. As previously mentioned, the polish is not super glossy. However, the polish is very easy to apply and does not stain as badly as most red colors do. Touch-up and removal was easy. Hannah dries quickly if you use only one coat; otherwise, dry time is normal. Without a doubt, this color will become one of my staples, as it is wonderful to work with and pairs beautifully with pale skin. On a side note, I am now playing Taylor Swift’s 1989 album in the background.


From a scene in Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video. Photo courtesy of HD Wallpapers & Images

All other photos taken by Jenzi Langley


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