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Four Ways to Spice Up Your Fall Eyeliner

It would be difficult to find a girl who does not have black eyeliner in her makeup bag in one form or another, whether it’s chalky pencil, rich liquid or smooth cream. After all, there’s a reason why black eyeliner is the universal makeup tool—it goes with literally everything. Lining your eyes with black is a quick and simple way to wake up your eyes and easily look put together, no matter the outfit.

However, experimentation is necessary for any beauty junkie. Check out these four ways to spice up your basic black liner, because neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. The first step in all of these looks is to start by lining your eyes with basic black eyeliner, then add a little something special.

1 Eyeliner - glitter

Glitter makes everything better. This is the perfect look for a special occasion, going out, or just to glitz up your regular class look. Just add a layer of liquid silver liner over the black on your top eyelid. The magic is that you get to decide how much sparkle you want, whether it’s a sparse dusting or a thick opaque layer. Pair with cotton candy pink lips to complete the girly Barbie look.

2 Eyeliner - turquoise

A pop of color always makes things more fun. Take your black liner up a notch by drawing a line of turquoise stacked right over it. Royal blue or rich purple can also work, depending on your outfit and accessories. Keep the rest of your makeup simple to avoid looking too overdone and to let your colorful eye makeup take center stage.

3 Eyeliner - wing

If you’re like me, the idea of winged eyeliner is a bit intimidating. Does it require a steady hand? Artistic prowess? Superhuman powers? But a wing is the classic way to take your eyeliner to the next level, and it’s easier than you may think. Apply black pencil eyeliner as you normally would, flicking it up at the corner. Draw and shape as needed (using a tissue to clean up any smudges), and when everything is in place, trace over with liquid eyeliner to richen the color. Pair with nude lipstick for a classic look, or with cherry red to go full glam.

4 Eyeliner - gold

We usually celebrate fall by breaking out the leather boots and cozy flannels, but you can also use the autumn season as makeup inspiration. Add a little something extra to basic black eyeliner with a dusting of goldish-brown eye shadow in the creases. This look warms up your face and gives your eyes depth. Pair with velvety mahogany lips to really round out the fall look.

Story and Photos By Libby Allnatt


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