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Friday Favorites

Favorite Makeup Launch:


Photo Courtesy of Bare Escentuals 

“I have always loved the idea of liquid foundation, but because my skin is so fair and sensitive it has always been hard for me to find a product that works for me. I have been using Bare Minerals powder foundation since I first started wearing makeup and I just haven’t ever been able to switch even after trying many other brands and types of foundation. Now that the brand launched their first liquid foundation on May 1, maybe my search will finally be over! I’m definitely going to pick up a bottle of this new product to try.” -Samantha

Favorite Custom Jewelry: 

Photo Courtesy of My Joy-Filled Life

“I found Origami Owl while online shopping for Mother’s Day, but these are perfect for many occasions. The picture features their “Living Locket” collection where you can customize the locket size, type and finish, then select charms or plates you would like to fit into the locket. I just ordered one for my mom, but they are great individualized gifts for friends or relatives.” -Alyssa

Favorite Vintage:


Photo Courtesy of Etsy

“While browsing Etsy, I discovered Chariot Marie, a shop filled with vintage pieces that are candy-colored and incredibly feminine, like this dreamy 1970s dress, described by the shop owner as “perfect for the modern-day flower child.” The shop screams summer to me: a summer of lemonade stands, frolicking through daisies and dancing the warm nights away.” -Persephone

Favorite New Collaboration:


Photo Courtesy of Fashion Times

“MAC and Lorde! Ugh obsessed. I always thought Lorde sported the coolest lip colors. She always pushes the boundaries in the beauty industry with her over-the-top plum shades. I can’t wait to pick up a new product from her collaboration with MAC. The colors are so daring!” -Madison


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