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Friday Favorites

Favorite Pairing:


Photo Courtesy of Style Scrapbook

“Sometimes, simple is better. There is nothing more simply chic than a white tee and a chain necklace. Pair the two for a casual yet stylish look!” -Stacia Affelt

Favorite Desk Styling:


Photo Courtesy of This Is Glamorous

“The Chanel book, golden tray, cheetah mouse pad and golden accessories scream my name! I’m a firm believer in having a clean and classy work area or else you’ll be too distracted with the mess to get to work!” -Tamara Kraus

Favorite Handbag:


Photo Courtesy of Kate Spade

“Wicker purses are casual and cool for summer, and who does purses better than Kate Spade? This camera purse is adorable and unique. It may not be traditional or conventional, but it sure is cute!” -Audrey Weil


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