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Friday Favorites

Favorite New Look:


Photo Courtesy of BB Styled Boutique

“Leggings and an oversized sweater are comfy, no doubt! But, if you’re looking to add that stylish flair to those plain, black leggings go for a printed legging. Maintain that desired comfort in a new, chic way.” –Alexa

Favorite DIY:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

“Recently I’ve been trying to be experimental with my DIY projects for many reasons: they’re fun to do, unique, generally inexpensive, and a guarantee to make someone smile. This heartfelt deck of 52 cards with reasons why you love your significant other, mom, dad, brother, sister or a special person in your life, is by far my favorite idea I’ve pinned-so far.” -Tamara

Favorite Combination:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

“One of my all time favorite fashion combos is pairing a plaid button-up shirt with a minidress. There is something so unexpected and laid back about this outfit, and I can’t get enough! I would wear this outfit everyday if I could.” -Stacia

Favorite Fashion Item:


Photo Courtesy of J.Crew

“For this in between winter and spring weather, capris can be a life saver. They are perfect for layering or showing off some new sandals. Capris with added embellishment and glam are even cuter. The stripes on these capris add great detail.” -Audrey


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